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I learnt how to drive when I was 19 years old and it was my elder brother who taught me how to drive. 

It was such a wonderful experience for me. 

Do you know how to drive? 
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I don't but I just started to learn how to drive yet, still on learner license.

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5 Answers

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I tried learning how to drive before. My uncle taught me how drive in a park. It was a long straight road so it easy to drive. I haven't experience driving in a busy road like you need to cross the road, or be with other cars. I think I am afraid to do that. It didn't continue because I stop, I lost enough time to learn. I want to learn how to drive but it is not part of my plan as of the moment. I don't have plans to have car too because I don't have a garage at home. My priority is to renovate our house. It is good to learn how to drive anyway. For sure in the future I will have a car too and I need to learn how to drive to have a license. Right now, I will just prioritize the way to earn to have a car in the future. I will squeeze in learning how to drive during the weekend.
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To be frank with most of us on this platform, I don't think that I can be able to drive a car at this particular moment. This is something that I never got the opportunity to learn as I was growing up since I was always out there after school to assist my mom in her business which is one of the major source of our daily bread. Learning how to drive is something that every human being should always endeavor to learn as it can save you  in some serious situations where you will be helpless on what to do.

I could recall the story my former boss at our place of work told me about how one man died all because two of the sons that are at home weren't able to drive a car. It happened that the man was seriously sick in the night and being the only person to drive a car, the two sons won't be able to take him to the hospital using a car. He died before the sons will run around to get someone that can drive the car to the hospital. So, having the ability is essential in life whether you have a car at the moment or not.
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I learned how to drive after my high school,I grew up to see my parents driving their different cars and I really used to watch my dad drives because my father was a good driving than my mom. So I grew up doing little things about driving from just observing my dad drives. So when my parents are not close by I try to drive but I was caught once and handed a Stern warning which put me off completely.
So apparently I started learning to drive at age 20 that was when I was legally allowed to learn and my father didn't just want family members teaching me so I was send to a driving school and I learned all i could and started driving after 6 months. So since then till now I have been driving maybe I could say it over 10 years now. I'm like a pro in driving now.
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Yes, I know how to drive. The story behind how learn how to drive is quite weird but yet inspiring, because nobody taught me how to drive. I learnt how to drive by myself. The experience was something that made me believe that there is nothing we humans can't do once we put our minds into it.
It all started when my big brother was blessed with two cars. Once the day breaks, he would use one out of the two cars and leave for work without bothering of keeping the other car key tucked away where I can't find it. I observed this pattern for quite sometime especially when I was on holidays. Luckily, for me, the deal day came I had in mind to put to use my plans, thanks to the big space in our compound and the sign of nobody around.
I took the car key, that's after memorizing the knowledge I had about how to drive. And I got into the car and I started by gently moving it around slowly until realized I was actually doing the right thing while on the steering wheel. I repeated this process for a very long time until it become my second nature. And the day I drove in a busy road, I was shocked how I was able to maneuver my way in going out and coming in.
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You are very lucky someone teach you how to drive and now you can drive a car alone.
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Driving of a car is a very wonderful thing I can never forget. The first day I kicked or ignited a car was just funny to me.
It was in 2008 and when my uncle taught me how to start a car and raise turtle to warm the batteries.
After my uncle travelled away, onevofvthis days something pushed me to start the car and try to move it.

I tried all I could that very day but I could tha5 day but could take the car out of the compound but I was happy I moved it and it didn't hit the wall.

So the next day I called a friend to assist me to push it out of the compound and from there we took it to town and that was my first experience of driving a car. I can't forget it is a Camry pencil car andv8t was in high performance.
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Tha's a funny yet memorable experience you have when learning to drive, lucky your uncle teach you to drive.
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