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While new Suv from Suzuki, the Jimny is replacing the old Suzuki Jipsy in 2019, what are the latest safety features included?


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Suzuki Jimny in Europe has better safety specs than the one which going to launch in India. Maybe the Chinese version will get the better safety features as optional. In India the Jimny will be having only 2 airbags and ABS while in Europe the car has six airbags, ABS, EBD and ESP along with automatic emergency braking system. This collision mitigation system is seen only in high end cars in Asian markets like India the big market. So can't expect it in India as Jimny is coming under budget oriented compact segment. Moreover it will directly compete with Suzuki's own SUV cars if these features are included. In China there could be a chance to make these super safety features as an extra option in Suzuki Jimny.

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