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One of the ways some people show their being frustrated would be by crying in the private zone. 

Do you cry when you feel frustrated? 

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Yes, I do cry when am frustrated. But the crying is always done when am alone with my thoughts. I have never actually cried in public no matter how frustrated it gets me. I don't know if it has anything to do with the society where I grew up.

In the part of Africa where I come from,  it is frowned upon for a man to cry talk less of actually crying in public. It is termed weakness for a man to cry. It is always expected that a man should always push down and suppress whatever hurtful feeling he has from an ugly situation and, or experience.
But as for me, I believe that there comes a time in someone's life when certain situations could happen to someone and their person just has to let it all out there and then. One thing I have to realise from crying is that, I always end up feeling somewhat relieved when I do cry, especially when am frustrated over someone or something for long. Not that the crying is going to make the frustration go away at that point in time but in that situation, I think it seems to be the only way I could better express the extent of the ache I feel inside of me.
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My bathroom is my favorite place to pour out my tears when my frustration boils over.

With the shower water gushing down on my head and all over my body, it helps me to feel better in a short while. 
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A wise man once told me that crying is a road to healing of whatever is making the tears fall.There shouldn't be any shame in crying.Crying help us let out the steam and clear our eyes to see better especially if it was our mistake or our fault that brought the tears in the first place. I'm a very emotional person in a firm way but I still cry in my closet when I'm frustrated, disappointed or depressed.

I let out the steam so that if it will help me move on fast and find healing fast too so be it. Crying is a kind of therapy for a wounded heart. It gives us this sound sleep I  know I sleep better after letting out my anger and pains through shedding tears. I rarely do this though but whenever need  be and I know it will be helpful I let it flow provided it what I believe will help at that point.
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I would never forget my first heartbroken experience in my relationship. It was so devastating to me that I cried almost every day for more than one month until I was able to get over the sad experience. 
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To be honest with you, I don't always cry when things are not going the way that I want as I am someone that is composed and determined to make it in life. There is a saying that people can always make things work for them by always crying out the frustrations that they are passing through, but for me, I don't really think that there is much difference from the way that I aim to work things than the way those ones try to make things work.

I just don't know, but I always find it very difficult to cry. Crying is an act that I see as being weak and even when I am at a place that they are doing some mournful occasions like burial, you will notice that I don't always shed easy tears like that. I've got a fiance that cries at every little issue and this is something that has been working for her as she always get me to do things that she demands from me.
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Some people are made of heart of stone, which make it almost impossible for them to cry no matter what they encounter in their lives.

I have a friend who doesn't even cry even when his close relatives die. 
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Yes i do cry when i feel frustrated. This is the only way i can exposed myself and i don't feel heavy all the time. Sometimes i will go to the bathroom or lock the room where no one can see me crying. My children saw me crying because of too much going on and their reaction was so innocent. My eldest will come to me and will say "sorry mommy" which in fact its not his fault. This made me feel better, and i will just answer back "It's okay, it's not your fault."  When I feel frustrated i always find ways not hold on to it, or else the whole time will be disaster. Crying isn't a crime so whenever i feel i want to cry, i will cry. There is nothing wrong when you cry when you are frustrated, you just have to learn to control your emotions too sometimes.
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Children are always innocent and their reactions to some things would amaze you a lot about them. 

I'm so touched hearing what your son did when he saw you crying. I'm sure he wouldn't understand exactly what was going on but he is well aware his mother wasn't feeling well. 
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Yes, I do. I cry sometimes when alone especially if I have something weighing me down emotionally. In such scenario, I just prefer to let out the pain by crying it all out, instead of bottling it up on the inside, because doing so would make the pain to be worse. However, whenever I cry, it must be something that has really touched the deepest part of my soul.

I know it might sound weird to many wondering what could cause a man to cry, but I don't see it that way. Manliness is not as result of being unable to shed tear or show one's side of vulnerability, but the ability to recognize we all have weaker part of us, that the world does not know of. As I always say that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

And so, if you're a man you think is not appropriate to cry, but believe me, it's a facade of emotional susceptibility displayed by such a person claiming to be strong, but in the real sense, the person is weak.
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Being a man has nothing to do with crying when you are emotionally exhausted. If the issue is a very serious problem, it's definitely going to drag you down to tears sooner or later. 
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No,  I don't cry when I am frustrated because I believe that frustration is a challenge and challenges are inevitable for they are products of testimonies. When I am frustrated I tried as much as possible to think of the possible ways to get out of the situation,  most times I force my self to sleep or engage on activities that will make me think less .

For everything thing I do in life that can have alternative or plan B, I tried to seek for plan B in what I do so in case am disappointed or loose out,  the level of frustration will be minimal and controllable.

Naturally ladies easily cry out their mind when they are frustrated so that they can get help or get pet, most times when they are able cry deeply the frustration disappear.
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It's not just the ladies that cries, men also do as well especially when they are passing through a lot without anyone offering them any kind of assistance. 
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This is very rare,  in Africa it is believed that men hardly cry in touch situation or when they are frustrated they rather remain courageous. 

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