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i am not really sure This is just my comeback after months offline. Hoping to withdraw soon.
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Yes, thank you for answering but i think it's not allowed here to withdraw throught bank account , only paypal account is required to use.
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Yes. You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account. I got this cleared from the owner of this site long back. How and why? The site is from India and so they can send my earning to my bank account. You can verify this from the discussion here on "do you have any questions about answeree" in the beginning.
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I think the general gateway for everyone is through PayPal but others from India can withdraw theirs to their bank account since this site  is for an indian 
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From what I have been able gather, it's through PayPal that payment is requested from the site. 
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So Answeree is based in India? I use a special debit card that is connected to Paypal to withdraw online earnings

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I don't think that would be able except on some certain conditions that the site might decide to meet from their personal volition. Anything outside of this, every withdrawal for registered member earnings must be done through PayPal account, which is via the email everyone provided when signed up for the website. I think it's like this, because the whole unified system of payment serve the site owners better, as it enables them to make payment directly to every members PayPal accounts.

However, I learnt some time back there was a question asked about if it would be possible for those people in the country where the site is situated to get their earnings withdrawn directly into their account. And the response was quite categorical, as they said, it would be possible since the same members are having the bank account in India, which where answeree is based. But up till now, I don't know if any of the Indian member have received his/her earnings through direct bank transfer.
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Yes, you can withdraw your money through your bank account depending on where you are based right now. If it is US or EU. Where dollar is transacted directly then you should be able to receive your pay directly while if its other place like African, then you are expected to receive or get your money from PayPal. Though I trust you know the minimum requirement to withdraw your money which I know is $30. And the steps is as follows to land the Money in your your bank account.
1.Just register a virtual PayPal site incase you don't have account. But if you do have account. Just pay a token to get the PayPal email. Copybtge email and message the admin here to request payment and paste the email. The admin will send the money to PayPal in dollars and PayPal will land it on your account.
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You might be able to directly deposit the money in your bank account if you're in the United States or somewhere in Europe. However, I don't think transactions from Answeree straight into your bank account are supported in the Phillipines. You'll just have to withdraw using Paypal.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount (3000 points, or 30 dollars), you need to contact and pm the Answeree profile page to request a withdrawal. Once your request passes through, the money should appear in your Paypal. This allows for more transparency and easier transactions between the site and whatever you use to store funds. Furthermore, it makes it so that you don't have to provide the site with personal details, such as your bank account number.
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Answeree only allows you to withdraw your funds through PayPal. You will need 3000 points in your account before you can request a payment from the company. The company will then send you $30 to your PayPal account. Through PayPal you can transfer your funds directly to your bank account and have access to your funds within 3 days. 

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