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There are lots of midrange smartphone coming out in the market right now. And if you are looking for good budget phone I can suggest Huawei Nova 3i. It is not only a good phone but well priced. I have tried Nova 3i when I went to the one leading gadget store where I lived. And I must say its a good phone. I am using iPhone but thinking to go back to android since battery is an issue for me.
The Huawei Nova 3i smartphone has the capacity of 3340 mAh battery, dual camera good for taking photos. The rear camera has 16 MP + 2 MP and the front camera is 24 MP + 2 MP which is really good for selfies. If you play games, Nova 3i won't let you down, most users will say the same. The price in the market today is under Php 15,000 pesos  and that is a good price. And I am thinking to get one soon.
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Huawei Nova 3i is a very good smartphone device for gaming and it's very cheap and affordable as well. Most people whom I have seen using the device are very pleased with the smartphone. Although, I'm not a fan of Huawei products, they are still great products. 
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There are so many smartphones out there in the midrange but if you are looking for gaming , selfie and battery you can go for samsung j7 prime i have been using that mobile for one and half years it was really good to use and specification is good for that price if you want to know more about that model go ans visit the gsmarena site for the specification and if you want to compare this with another mobile you can go with redmi 5 pro my friend is using that model in that everything is good if you looking for midrange you can with either samsung j7 prime or redmi 5 pro. If you are not satisfied with these models you can check out oneplus 6 or look any models in the huawei they are doing great job in everything but my friend told that it was heating little bit so you can compare and go for your mobile

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