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Maybe you should change battery or maybe there will be some problem in your phone.
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True, it must your battery is the problem, most battery especially Lithium will degrade in time when reach the charging cycle.

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Here are the top reasons this will happen:

  1. There is a problem with the power supply on the phone.
  2. The motherboard or circuit board has a short and is fried.
  3. One of the capacitors on the circuit board is burned.
  4. There was some sort of a short in your charging cable and you've burned the phone.
Just like any circuit board when a capacitor is burned the phone will heat up and not work. This happens a lot of time on a hard drive that something has burned on the circuit board and now the board will no longer function. When you apply a charge to the board this heats up the chips on the board because there is no longer a way to protect the board. The same holds true for any motherboard or circuit board. 
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There are series of ways that you can handle this kind of issues which is your phone getting hot while it is charging and the device finding it hard to boot on. They are:

1. Leave your phone while charging: I am saying this from experience as many of us have developed that attitude of always checking on our phones when it is charging and that is something that can make your phone to feel hot when it is being charged. When the phone is charging, don't be tempted to operate it for any reason whatsoever as this may be a heavy burden on the mobile device.

2. Uninstall apps: If your phone is being affected by too many apps that are eating up some space on the phone, it may bring about the phone failing to boot on when you want. So, it is advised to check the apps on your apps and uninstall the ones that you are not making use of.

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