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Why do mobile phones blast? Do phones blast during charging or when using any connectivity tools like tethering etc? Is the main problem behind these phone blasts are heating issue or any current shorting within the battery?
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From what I see if you are using a fake charger, it could blast and could cause fire, I don't think a phone will blast while charging if the charger is in good quality.

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Here are seven reasons that could be the cause of your mobile phone exploding.

1. Not using the original charger.

2. Using a low quality car charger.

3. Charging the mobile from other device types.

4. Charging the battery that is already full.

5. Having a battery that has been damaged or defective.

6. Using the mobile while charging.

7. Charging the mobile near a hot source.
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I heard this news from a  newspaper. The reason may be due to overheating. Better avoid using mobile phones while charging. Keep phone unplugged from the power source and the power cable from phone whenever you get an incoming call.
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In most cases mobilephone blasts are happening due to continuous over heating of the device. There are many possibilities to this overheating.
1) Exposing to sunlight or any heat source for a prolonged time.
2) Faulty or duplicate battery getting shorted.
3) Shorting of cutoff coil. There is a coil that acts as a relay when the phone is in idle or switched off. The damage to this coil may result in serious heating issues which may cause an explosion.
4) Keeping a phone in wifi tethering to use mobile data along with other devices while the device is plugged-in to the charger for a long time. This simultaneous charging and tethering will lead to overheating and thereby damaging other components too.
Mobilephones are not designed to use as a WiFi router or tethering machine. These features are there to use only for a short time.
5) Water damage is the another big problem for overheating of mobile phones. Waterlogged phones will get damaged by shorting of various components including battery and it may result in an explosion.

The best way to reduce this risk is to get proper service to your device if it gets a sign of overheating.
asked Jul 4, 2017 in Gadgets+Electronics by (188 points) 2 7 26 Is this true that Mobile phone covers can cause blast or damage?
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Yes it can especially when you're using your phone while its charging because there's imbalancement of charge.Its advisable to let your phone charge to 100% then use it.

Also,your phone might blast if the current supplied to the socket it's too much and that's why its advisable to use extensions to connect them to the wall sockets.

Finally your phone can easily blast if you expose it to direct heat maybe heat from stove or a 'jiko'.This way, the battery will be exposed to so much heat than it can stand making it explode.

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