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Which will be the best electricity or generator?
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Generators have burned my smartphone charger on more than one occasion, so I'm definitely going to choose electricity as the best source of power for charging phones. 
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My friends complained alot about getting their chargers burned by generator usage but I haven't experienced this myself. 

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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
If really we want to go with what is technologically accepted, one shouldn't charge his/her phone device with other than a stable electric power supply. But as it seems, it doesn't really work this way, perhaps due to poor power supply in some parts of the world. And the effects of this development of charging phones with alternative power supply are bad on the battery life of these devices.

However, phone batteries are designed with materials that are sensitive to the stability of the kind of power used in charging them. Unfortunately, so many people are no aware of this fact, that's why they can go ahead and charge their phone with unstable power source.

Looking the issue holistically, they are not the ones to be blamed, because they only find themselves in situations they are helpless of, as they are faced with challenges of unreliable power supply, which leave them with no other choice than to make use of what is available.
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It a very difficult situation especially in my country with erratic power supply.So one might just need to charged the phone with generator or else one might not be able to power one's phone.
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I believe that pure electricity would be the best source of power for charging smartphone mobile phones. It's part of what the electricity was designed in the first place, so it should do the job well. But with how electricity power supply is distributed in most countries, it makes it impossible to have constant electricity to charge smartphones which is why there are so many alternatives to electricity power supply.

Now, most people make use of generator powered electricity which because there is no constant electricity. Take for instance in my country, there are sometimes we get to stay for more than two weeks without seeing electricity, so we have to make use of generator powered electricity with the use of petrol. It's not ideal for charging phones but it's what we have at our disposal.
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Yes,I believe the generator might not be ideal but we have no such really. Especially countries with electricity problem. 
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Nowadays we have so many means of charging phones, that at times it becomes hard to choose or know which one is the best, or which one is more power friendly and economical. given the status of where you are at financially at the time. I have seen many people using all kinds of gadgets to have their phones charged There are those who will use USB cables to charge from either lambs, or power extensions, or use their laptops or computers. This i have tried charging on the computer can be very slow as well. There are also some phones that have been created to serve mostly the army fraternity, when they are in the wilderness where there may not have access to electricity, this phones can be use to charge other phones. We also have power banks that people have embraced all over the world, but the truth is power banks if not used properly they can ruin your phone battery. So i personally would choose to use the appropriate charger for my phone, the one that came with it, and if it gets damaged i would go look for the same brand for the phone that i have.

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