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There must be running apps in the background causing the phone slow to charge.
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Maybe the phone could be having a problem you should get it checked. The chargimg port could be loose or something.

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I've found out in some Android devices the phone battery will discharge quickly. Normally this is because of certain types of application on the phone that are using the GPS tracking or sending data to a host site. when this happens, you'll need to go into the setting of your phone and disable the data send on these applications. Don't let them send your location to a host device. This drains the battery so quickly. Even if you have your phone on a charger the battery is having a hard time to fully charge because these apps are constantly draining your battery charge. 

One way to fix this problem with an Android device is to back-up your important information to a computer or to your Google account. I normally will save information on a computer using a nice program called Syncois. After, you'll need to do a complete wipe on the phone and set it back to factory setting. Now you can add your data. Before adding back all your apps check to make sure to check which one will use your GPS tracker and send info back to the host site. Avoid these and don't add them back on your phone.
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Just recent I had that problem too.Its most probably that your charging system is spoilt.In this situation, there's no short cut other than taking for repair. In case you don't mend it faster, then the condition will worsen and this might affect your battery life.

In case the charging system is alright, then try charging it when the phone is off. If you don't feel like charging it while it off, then you can switch it on but put on the airplane mode.I have tried this several times and it has worked perfectly.

Finally, when charging, use a direct connection from the wall sockets. Sometimes charging a phone with a laptop charges it slowly.
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If your phone is discharging faster and charging slow  there might be three possibilities;

(1) The battery is damaged or exhausted

(2)The charger you are using is not original

(3) The phone is fake.

In any of the three scenarios the solution is to replace the worn out battery the fake charger in the second case and to purchase an original phone in the case of a third scenario.
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I wonder why it is slow charging? Does it charge slow even the phone is new? if the answer is no, then you just had lots of application open while you are charging it. Some says to put on the airplane mode if you want the phone to be charge fast. Second, maybe you are using while charging it. It will really make the charging slow because you already using the energy that you put in the phone by using it. You should not touch it because the plug of the charger will move and it can cause the delay of charging. Charging should be one in a secure place where the phone is not moving a lot. If your phone is fast charging before and now it is slow charging, maybe you have done something or using a phone became a habit to you. If not, there should be a setting to control the charging.

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