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It's either your phone makes use of pin chargers or it uses USB cable charger. 

Which one do you prefer? 

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Like you rightly said, it is either one's phone is using pin mount or USB charger. I don't think its an issue of preference of the charger you're to use to power your phone, but instead the phone itself. You only make use of a particular charger because that's what your phone requires for it to be charged.
Let's take for example, you are interested in buying a brown new phone that actually meets all your specifications, and it happens that it carries pin mouth charging point instead of USB, and what you desire is USB mouth. What would you do in that case? You will agree with me, that you have no option than to get the phone regardless of your charger preference.

What I am saying in essence is, we don't really have full control of the charging point of the phone we'd like to use, but instead the brand of phone will indirectly impress the charger on us we are to use for it.
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Yes I agree, it depend's on what brand of the phone we are using it does not necessarily what type of mount it is.
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USB cable charger for e because it is easy to put in the pouch and I can use different plugs or adapter if I forgot to bring the adaptor. It is what everyone prefer today because it is easy to bring and easy to use. You can use the wire to plug in CPU to charge your phone while using your computer or laptop. I prefer doing that way so that I can charge my phone while using another gadget and working at the same time. I prefer it too because I always forget the adaptor because it is not always attached to the wire, so I will borrow from someone at work to let  my phone charge. I use the wire to transfer files from computer to my phone or my phone to computer. Transferring files are too easy to do because of the USB charger. You can use it anywhere.

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