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For this type of business it should be a website since you are offering services to your customers.
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In my opinion, a blog would be a better option for marketing one's phone repair business. 

Information control is more in the hands of the blog owner.
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Definitely a website - a blog is for more consistent information that can be changed or updated over time.

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This would be a website with a blog attached to the site for sure. Here is why:

  1. A website is normally for a business and it is easy for them to advertise on the site about how you repair the phone.
  2. You can add your contact, pricing, repair order tracking and mail information to the website.
  3. You can integrate a tracking and repair order on the site.
  4. On the blog site, you can write articles about phone repair to show people you understand what you are doing.
If this is for your business go with a website and have some blog posts on the site that people can read and follow. This is more professional than a blog site for sure and you'll earn a lot more business if you have a professional website and not just a blog site. 
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Now, from my experience and understanding of how both blog and forum works, they are both good social media platforms but their mode of operation is practically different from each other.

Now, you are looking at the possibility of setting up a website where you can advertise your business of smartphone repairs, it's probably obvious that you are an expert in the field of smartphone repairs which means that you are looking for the use of a website where you have the absolute control of information dissemination and in my opinion, a blog would serve the purpose very well better than a forum.
Now, in using a blog to promote your business of smartphone repairs, you have the control which smartphone repair information you wish to sell and have your members engage in discussion but when a forum is used, other people would added what is not related or relevant to your smartphone repair business.

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