When it comes to business, we are always faced with the temptation to spend money from our business on personal needs without giving a good account. However, separate entity rule entails not doing so. So, do you practice the rule of separate entity in business? 
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Yes,as an accounting person I will advocate a company or business to be ran  as a separate entity which will the best bet for any business that needs to succeed. A business needs to be treated as a distinctive entity than the owner, it is even a rule in accounting. If a business is seen as a legal entity then it can sue and be sued and can be run smoothly without interferences either by the owner others.

Making it this way helps the business to have its own account or financial wallet which will aid accountability.

Everyone will respect this and only what concerns the business will the revenue be spend on,that way there will be business growth since the company will be able to appropriately match the company's revenue to it's expenses.
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It's very important to keep business matter very far away from personal matters especially when it comes to deeping your hands into your business financial investments and using it to solve your personal problems. Such precedent would never add anything positive to your business, it wouldn't make your business grow and not to talk about expanding your business. One thing that it would definitely guarantee you is the crumbling of your business to the point of closure if you are not careful with how you spend your business money.
It's totally agreeable that one must take care of his personal problems but care should be taken with how and where the money used for such purposes are taken from. If it's not your business profit, don't touch your business capital.
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We need to separate personal expenses when having a business. It is not a good practice. If a person persists from doing it, his business will fail.
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