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There are so many ways to make money online such as forum posting, survey sites, transcription sites, PTC SITES etc. 
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Well, in this life there is no easy way to earn a decent money online, anything easy is from bad habit.

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I find surveys as the easiest ways of making money online, all you have to do is fill some questionnaire and submit them and you'll get some cash in return. the only problem with surveys is that they're not opened worldwide or they might be opened but pay less unlike in the top tier countries. Another way of making easy cash online is doing some PTC sites. The main problem with PTC sites is that most of them end up scamming people and as a result, they've gained a bad reputation and no one is more willing  to work in PTC sites. Finally, another easy way of making cash online is by doing PTP sites, in posting in forums. Most of the PTP sites are legit and you'll always be guaranteed good cash every end month especially if you're serious and hard working. All you need is a good grammar and writing skills.
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To be honest with you, there's no such thing as an easy way to make money online. Disregard any site that promises huge earnings by simply doing a few task, as the majority of them are only out to scam unsuspecting individuals. Am talking from my personal experiences.

Writing on sites like this platform is as easy as earning online can get. But still, we both know it isn't easy earning here too as it involves both knowledge and self experiences to give a well thought and defined answer to any question. Plus it takes a lot of effort and determination to continue without relenting.

Some might recommend sites like paid to click (PTC). I don't know about others, but to me they are all a waste of time and effort. The best paying rate you can find on any of those ptc sites is maybe 0.001 cent per ads click. Do the calculations and see how long it will take to earn 1 cent, talk much of a dollar given their restricted total number of clicks per day. Small jobs or task sites are even better of than ptc sites. But they both have the same thing in common, low pay rate and minimal task availability.

Surveys on the other hand might seem like a better option, but there's the issue of qualification and certain regional restrictions to high paying surveys. I have no idea how their system evaluates people for taking surveys, but 60% of people always end up unqualified for certain high paying surveys when they apply. And besides, If you're not from the US, UK, AUS and sometimes Canada, there's high probability that you won't qualify for most survey sites.

My advice is that you stick to one system which you know you can work with. There are many freelance sites with various types of jobs available for online workers. Simply find one and put in the effort to make something out of it. No good thing comes easy, especially when it relates to making money.
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I think this should be an individual choice because what might seem easy for one might be boring and tedious for another. All the same there are so many easy tasks online it left for you to choose the one you can perform to get to payout. Personally for me I find posting to forums very easy. You just have to sign up on earning forums that allows one  post for pay and enjoy commenting while making money. Site like forumcoin, postloop, Yourcashchat etc are legit and paying sites.
Take surveys too from Swagbucks, Mobrog, toluna etc. Some are very easy to complete to make easy money.
You can review calls,listen to radio and watch movies to make money too.These one's work for those in specific locations.
If you enjoy marketing then try affiliate programs.
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The honest truth is that there is no definite easy way to make money on the internet. There is always something that you should devote your time doing before you are able to hit the money that you seek and one of them is by becoming a freelance writer.

Freelance writers are those people that work for clients so as to be paid a certain amount of money after the work is done and believe me, this is one of the ways that you can make money as long as you are committed to your goals. You can start little by being a forum posting member on some forums that pay members for doing this while you go home with a certain monetary rewards at the end of every month or weeks as the case may be.

You can also start making money on the internet when you've got a definite skill that you are ready to offer to the clients out there such as graphics designing, and the rest of them.
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I started working online as a freelance roughly three years now and I was first introduced to paid to post forum freelance writing. The first site where I started out my online business and earning was called TheForumWheel. The forum is still very active and functional till today, but the only problem with the site is that it does not have more forums hosted on it in order to give people better chances of earning a decent amount of money from posting on the site. The first money which I earned from the site was $10 and it was my very first dollars earned online.
Right after getting used to working on TheForumWheel, I was introduced to Prize Rebel survey site. I earned a great deal of money filling out surveys on the site and still do till today. Postloop is another good platform to earn money online from.
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There are lots of easy ways to make money online though you may not get enough money from these easy tasks because they are low paying,  some of them include:

Faucets: Since the launch of bitcoin and other Crypto currencies, there is faucets where people are able to make few Satoshi by solving image captcha or media capticha to earn different coins from different faucets sites.  PTC are also similar to this faucet but  in PTC sites you may just click on ads and it run for few seconds and that all.
Surveys are very easy ways to make money if you are lucky to be tier one countries because they have more surveys compare to other countries.
Paid forums is another good source to make enough simply by making comments on people's posts or create your own thread of discussion.
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To earn money or not is depend upon you. If you have expertise in any field you can earn money very easily. For example, if you have a grip on graphic designing so you can easily get projects from freelance to earn money. On freelance platform, by completing the project on time you can earn money.

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