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What kind of cars do you have preference for?

Jeep or small cars? 

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It really depends on what I need. I have two kids and When going somewhere else or traveling, I need to have a space in my car for bulk things to bring with us. So, I will consider the SUV because it is bigger than a small car. I hate small spaces it makes me feel tightness and can't move. If I can afford the SUV then I will have it. Whereas if small car is if the only thing I can afford then, I will try to adjust myself and the kids.
But, SUV is better than small car I guess. It's sounds bigger than a small car. At the moment we have average car enough for four of us to fit and other stuff will out in the boot. I sometimes find it small though but, that's all we had. Maybe one day I will change to bigger space car. There will always room for upgrade.
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Cars have a become a necessity, in our country nowadays. Gone are the days when we used to say cars are a luxury. In this life where everything revolves around motors. People have seen it best to use cars for travel than going for public transport,, because it's more convenient and faster. For me i used to like small cars back in the days for driving around even when i didn't drive then. I guess i used to feel they much easier to handle than using the big cars. I used to have this notion that big cars are heavy and hard to handle. But that's all different now. My perspectives have changed, because i now know how to drive myself and i have driven different cars, seen the difference. So for me i would go for an SUV because of our roads and traveling long distances it's good to have a car that can stand the roughness of the road.

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