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There are so many browsers available to be used for internet access. 

Do you like Google Chrome browser? 

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I used to use Google Chrome for my browser because I thought this is the good one.But,I have notice lately that they keep crashing. I can't even seems the browser will load up once you closed them completely. I even need to start up my computer again in order to open it. But I get tired of doing it,since I discover that I can add extensions for Firefox to download videos that I like. I use chrome before to browse and download movies on my favorite sites. But, now I use Firefox to do this and other stuff. I decide to uninstall the Google Chrome since they don't do anything update about the issue. If you research, some other users are experiencing the same as I do.

There are other good browser like Microsoft Eternet browser and these Firefox that I am using right now.
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Yes,I'm even using Google chrome as I'm typing now because I like the browser alot. I know Google products are always superb so since I came to realize that it was developed by Google I just installed it immediately and dump my uc mini for it. And since then till now I have been using it.
It good to use Google chrome as a fast free web browser that works with most devices at least with a 1GB RAM one can get it either from play store or from other app sites.
Google chrome gives one the benefits of loading webpages very fast, one can easily have a password in place on a site instead of typing in details all the time. The design of it is very basic and it very easy and simple to use and operate. One can easily drag tab to a different window to use.

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