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I don't like plain water. I like my water flavored with powder fruit juice drink. I think they have vitamins but are they really healthy?
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I don't think they are healthy but if you read the ingredients, they more likely from concentrated and artificial flavors,s o I would not recommend drinking it.
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I don't think they are healthy but if you read the ingredients, they more likely from concentrated and artificial flavors, so I would not recommend drinking it.

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Yes and no. The drinking of flavored drinks made from pure water and powered juice ingredients are healthy to an extent, but same time they are not. Flavored drinks are packed with all sort of various artificial chemicals that could interfere with proper body functioning, which makes them to be selective of the type of body they are healthy to and the ones they are not healthy to. It is like this, because of the differences in our metabolism, enzymes, hormones etc.

As for the children, flavoured drinks could be very unhealthy for them, as they are ladened with high amount of sugar calories that leads to child obesity. Apart from the sugar content in them, they also have colourants they use in enhancing their brightness. And sadly, these chemicals are all artificial ingredients that are unwholesome to the body. They also have sweeteners in them, which could lead to tooth decay, abnormal bone formation, and many others.

In addition, as for adults, flavoured drink is far considered healthier to them than the children, as they already have their body parts well developed. But that doesn't mean they cannot affect their body functioning too, especially if they are drank excessively.
On a final note, instead of going for flavoured drinks choose to opt for natural fruits, which you can also juice. By doing this, you save yourself all the artificial substances that are in powdered flavored juice.
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Yes they contain some vitamins and antioxidants too like whole unprocessed fruits but they lack fiber and are filled with artificial sweeteners, additives etc. The fact is that these powdered juices are processed and they contain as much sugar and calories as the soft drinks.

This isn't really healthy especially for someone that is looking to maintain their body and stay fit. Consuming such drinks regularly can make you add weight and it doesn't give you the required nutrients because most of it are lost during processing and you are left with mostly added ingredients.

It is best to have your water plain or make your own fruit juice from whole fruits. This way, you'll be sure of the quality of ingredients in your drink.
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They are healthy but implicative as well. My point is, most of those drinks are prepared in the factory with very high concentrates or concentration of chemicals which require enough neutralization. You will believe with me that, the only advantage that ordinary water has is, the fact that; the concentration is same everywhere apart from when mixed with other contents like salt.. So, the powdered flavoured drinks might not be neutralized with enough water as expected, therefore; putting the liver at very he high risk.
Thus, I will strongly advice you avoid taking such contents because even the sugar concentration in it is deadly arbitrary. Drinking ordinary water is actually a medicine on its own. So don't endanger your organs.

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