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Python is an easy to learn ,object oriented programming language which can be applied in many areas.

There are many application for python but the most popular ones will be mentioned in this write up

Python can be useful in web development.. How??web framework that are based on python like Flask and Django can be used for web development.. Infact,recently they have become so popular in web development.The web framework helps you create server side code(backend code) in python.The back end code runs on your server not on users device.The code that runs on the users device is the front end code.Browsers also run on user device.

The web framework is very important because it makes it easier to build common back end logic(mapping different URL to a slew of python codes,dealing with databases,generating HTML files that users see on their browser?)

Python can also be useful in the areas of data science and scripting but those are stories for another day.
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Python used in these areas:

Web development

Game Development

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Data Visualization
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