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Drinking raining water is a very common thing around here. 

Do you see anything wrong with that?

Is it healthy to drink such water? 
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When we were kids, I remember my parents will get rain water and strain it and we drink it.But, now I think it's not safe unless it is properly strained.

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6 Answers

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There is absolutely nothing wrong in drinking rain water. Rain water, I stand to be corrected, it's one of the purest water we are advised to be drinkining, instead of all these packaged water we don't know their sources. If I am not mistaken, a lot of us are caught up in this habit of drinking unwholesome water that are hazardous to our health. Little did we wonder why is there so much water-related diseases out there. Yet, we don't care, we prefer to drink water that are not safe to our body instead of us to go for pure water like rain water.

Rain is ideal for us all as it remains the only water that retains all it properties after its collection such colourless, odourless and tasteless. If you look around, there are few water that possess these essential water properties.

On a cautionary note, we should be careful about the channels use for collecting rain water, as they could carry a lot of impurities which may as well render the water itself unsafe for drinking.
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For me I can drink rain water but it must undergo some purification just like any source of water supply that needs to be purified before drinking. Rain water which is from a natural source can still be contaminated with viruses, bacteria,parasites even chemical that can bring sickness to one, so despite the fact that it's rain water that should be very pure we shouldn't ruled out contamination from different ways.we still needs to purified it.
Rain water can be stored in a very good water tank after purification to avoid it having bad smell or color. I think it better for one to always fetch the clear and without taste rain water than the dusty or black filled ones. I try to wait a bit for the rain water to be a bit clear and clean before fetching it.
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Rain water by virtue of creation is as a result of condensation process which is scientifically pure, naturally treated and free of impurities and germs.

I drink rain water once in a while but i ensured it a direct rain water from the sky not the ones that has contamination already with roof because it will no longer be pure but a bit acidic. It is tasteless, colurless and odurless just as it characterised. Base on my experience with I don't think it can last for a long time after collecting it and storing it cos it tend to be sleepry after a while.
Those who have been taking for a long time especially those in the remote areas claimed it is medicinal as it helps them cure some internal diseases when it is taken fresh.
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As an African man, we believe direct rain water comes with much blessing and even more medicine. What it actually mean is; rain water helps to cure a lot of ilness or diseases. So even when we were small; our parents will collect enough rain water to the house and we always drink from it. Meanwhile, we use rain water as supplement, since water is usually scarce in my area.

But come to think of it all, a water that is exposed to every different things from the atmosphere is actually not hygienic for direct consumption until or unless if sterilized. Though from arguable debate; rain water is believed to contain the highest and best nutrients among all source of water. But the germs must be removed first. So that the damage won't exceed the good.
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Even now I can drink rain water. When my siblings and I were very little, my mother will collect rain water. The ones from opened spaces and not dropping off the roof or some structure. We would drink it and it was totally harmless. I felt like it had a special soothing feel. It was mostly cold and a little viscous.
Other than that, we store rain water in drums and tanks. We would do laundry and clean the bathrooms with it. The difference I've noticed with rain water is that it is more viscous, feels more silky and ladders faster than water from other sources.

I've seen places where rain water that is stored in huge safety tanks is treated and used for normal domestic consumption at home. From drinking to cooking and washing.
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If you have special barrels to collect the rainwater in this is very good. There are a lot of countries who have horrible water and it is dangerous for them to drink the water. Therefore they collect their drinking and cooking water when it rains. I have lived in places where they do not have fresh water piped in and the only water there is for drinking is bottled water or collecting your own rainwater. I would buy a special barrel to collect your water in. 

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