Do cats in coastal areas drink salt water to survive?
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Yes, cats can infact survive on salt water they have kidneys capable  of filtering salt water and use the clear water to hydrate themselves.image

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They can survive drinking salt water occasionally. Dogs cannot tolerate drinking saltwater. It is not good to keep on drinking saltwater because it can result in dehydration.
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Yes cats themselves can drink salt water to survive but unlike humans they can filter out the salt water and be able to handle it 
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No salt and other spices is not good for cats hence they should not be given salty water in any case. Salt has toxic effects to cats leading to symptoms such as diarrhea, laziness among others 
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   While it's safe for your feline to every so often drink from saltwater pools, and keeping in mind that they can endure higher salt admission than canines, this doesn't imply that ought to polish off a lot of salt. High salt admission can prompt extreme thirst, pee, or even sodium particle harming
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