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Most earning sites like to pay it's members through PayPal and users have no option than to oblige but the problem is the high fees charged by PayPal. Do you think it is okay to pay this high fees to PayPal for just helping us get our money? 
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Every company is rooted with the motive of profit making. So, it's the reason why PayPal charges the fees and there is nothing anyone can do about it. 

My issue is as long as their services is excellent, I can't complain about the fees. 
I have been using Paypal for long now and I think it's they charge fairly.

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PayPal remains the most used payment processors by most online users or site owners to make payments to members  because it has maintained it track records of accuracy and quality service delivery.
The high fees charged by PayPal whenever transactions involving sending and receiving money takes place especially if users makes withdrawal of very smaller amount they incure charges almost 30% of their withdrawals,  for instance someone who want to make a withdrawal of $5 from PayPal may be charged up to $1 or more.
The secret to avoid higher charges when making transactions with PayPal is to make withdrawal of higher amount of money, for instance  it very possible to withdraw  $50 or $100 and be charged $0.5 or $1 as the case may be.
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There are so many online payment processor companies available in the open market today for all kinds of online business financial services/transactions but among all these companies that offer payment processor services, PayPal is the best and most likely used by every one, freelance sites and other forms of online business.

Now, the question should be why do all these people prefer to use PayPal payment processor more than any other online payment processor available even with its transaction fees seeming to be high a bit? The answer to this question is in service satisfaction offered by PayPal when compared to other companies available. PayPal services is the best, there is hardly any complicated issues when using payday and the customer service is always responsive.
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