Is there any site where I can earn for free?
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There are many platforms out there spreading on the internet which you can ear online. Try to read blogs about money earning online you may get an idea from the reviews.
Let's stick to whatever are confident about, the site that you can join freely and earn relatively is answeree. There might be other sites out there but in terms of q&a, you have to give it to answeree.
You can join Cashcrate, ti is free to join and if you like doing surveys, you can join Global Test Marketing.

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There are many platforms for earning money online, so ultimately it comes down to your preferences, skills, and a bit of luck. Here are some types of websites you'll find:

  1. GPT ("get paid to") websites like Swagbucks, EarnHoney, InstaGC, and Earnably. You can do many simple tasks in exchange for cash and gift cards: taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, etc. They don't pay much, but they don't take much of your time anyway.
  2. Small tasks and micro jobs websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, and Microworkers. You complete small tasks like categorizing things, searching for information, and tagging images. Again, not much money to be made here, but it can give you some nice side income if there are tasks available to you (which sadly depends on luck).
  3. Websites that offer work as a search engine evaluator: Leapforce, Appen, Lionbridge. These are more like actual part-time jobs you can do from home. The work isn't terribly exciting and the application process is a bit more involved than other platforms, but they pay reasonable rates if you manage to get selected.
  4. Content mills like Textbroker, BlogMutt, Crowd Content, and Zerys (but avoid iWriter by any means) are good options if you're skilled or interested in writing. After "training" here, you can then become a freelance writer and set your own rates.
  5. Transcription websites like, Scribe, and Tigerfish. Transcription isn't for everyone, but you can earn a decent income if you're good at it; maybe even try it as a career.
  6. Testing websites like User Testing, TryMyUI, and Enroll pay you to navigate through a website, perform specific tasks, and record your process. If you like this sort of work, you might want to move to QA websites like uTest and test IO that pay you to find bugs. Some people even do it full-time.
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Thanks for the list of sites that one can join. I was looking for some other sites where I can join and start making a whole lot of money by doing so.
Thanks for your valuable post. I was tried few sites before. Let me try other sites also.
Thanks for this information. I am looking for sites that can help one earn such as answeree
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It depends with the skills that you possess. Skills like freelancing, transcribing, blogging among others can earn well and good sums of money. But then if you have basic writing skills, you can make some earnings but not that much.If you're a top tier country, then you have a lot of earning opportunities. For instance, you can make good earning almost $70 per month from surveys. Some survey sites like citizen me and paid viewpoint pay good cash per survey. There are other survey sites like panel station, streetbees,mobrog and global test market.

We also have several forums whereby you'll be paid to  post on websites.Some of those forums include,postloop, forum wheel, beer money forum, forum coin and the recent digital global. Working in all these site you can be guaranteed $50 per month.

Finally we have article writing sites. There are several of them although it requires you to have proper English accompanied by use of proper vocabulary.Some of those sites include, content gather, merit crowd, listversa among others.
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These survey sites that you mentioned are good, but I really want to know if they accept people from around the world or is it restricted to a particular region? 
I liked list verse so much but unfortunately it's not available in my country but I saw its a good platform also for submitting articles in a list form. 
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There are lot of sites online that one can earn from now without having to pay fees or make payment for anything to work on it. If you have good writing skills you can try,iwriter and just5k but to work on pay to post sites and there are a lot easier for me because one just have to penned his or her thought his or her way.

A good site I have been working with is Bulk comment a good posting site.which one just need about 2 sentences to get 6 cents and above depending on the task.

You just need to contact them on their site and request to be a member,take your first test and that's that for becoming a member.

By the way you need to be a good poster on other sites because you might be assessed with your postings on other sites too.
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There are lots of sites that are paying online without paying to earn from those sites,  however you also know that even a site that reward you $1 is also a paying site. I will suggest some sites that you can join and get paid.
Paid to post forum : These are online forums that rewards you for making comments or creating threads for discussion on their forums.  The forums include Beer money forum,  forum coin and digital global forum,  also there is a site that is more like blog called mylot, you also earn here by generating discussions and reply to comments.  With the average of 12 posts daily on forum coin you can $5 monthly if you active and resourceful on BMF you can earn $30 , the same thing applicable to Digital global. It is very post to earn $100 monthly.
You can also try out survey sites though amongst the survey site it is only Clixsence and Streetbees that are the most lenient and international friendly
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Here is a list of good paying sites that you can work with online and be paid for your work:

  1. Beermoney Forum - this is a forum site that pays you to post new job sites on the forum, write reviews, and give replies to other people. 
  2. MyLot is a weblog site where each person has their own weblog. You will create content and post this in your weblog. After people will comment and respond to what you've written. When this happens you earn money from the site. 
  3. TranscribeMe - this is a transcribe site where you listen to audio tapes and type them out in a form for the company. You are paid by the audio minute of the tape.
  4. UTest - this is a user testing site that sends you different test to complete. If you complete the test you can earn up to $10 for each test completed. 
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You can register in Affiliate Networks like Clickbank, Offervault, Maxbounty etc for free and pick a product/service from the site and show it (the affiliate link) to people. 

I don't recommend doing it that way because it's not that easy especially these days people don't click on links easily and don't buy from just anyone so I would highly recommend you a platform called Builderall. It's platform that provides value (making Websites, Webinars, Animated Videos etc) which is what a lot of people are looking for nowadays + they offer all those with little price compared to other platforms ($49) + and you'll become an affiliate of them and you can see how easy it is to sell this platform due to all the value they provide

Here's a 90 Day Strategic Plan Videos done by the Marketing Director of Builderall himself (you just need to register to watch the rest of the videos) and it's for FREE

& Here's a picture to show you the real potential of their Affiliate Program and how much money you can make solely promoting it:

Hope I helped (even though I know you stated you wanted something for free) it's an opportunity that I don't want anyone who wants to make money online seriously to miss it, as it's the best in my point of view

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Builderall is not free and there is no guarantee that you can earn there especially you don't know how it gonna works. 
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I am on a few sites that are still paying me and I am glad they are still existing. I am in Forum Coin. This is a paid to post site which lots of different categories available for you to join. The site is free and I have been paid for 3 years now. I also have other sites like Humanatic where you are paid to review a call, tag it on the right category and you earn. Right now, it is so awesome because the rate per call increases and you can earn more than 10usd for 5 hours or less. I have been there for 5 years now and it is consistently paying me. Even if I have offline job, I still work on these sites. I am here in Answeree too and I am on my way to getting my second payout. I also have a new site that pays you to chatting called Zwerl and I think I am doing good.
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@grecy095 you are really doing great for doing jobs both online and offline.
What earnings is in Forum Coin? I have seen their websites and you can earn cryptocurrency.
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I think there are alot of legit sites that actually rewards you for active service or for loyalty of your actively working according to the course or rules of the sites. I confidently affirm to you that the following site are those that I've worked on and equally witness the payment or reward. Beer money Forum;  this site is owned and managed by a man called Mr. B, the site is design for anybody to register on and work actively and earn cool money. As a member on the site, you have two ways to earn money and one is the most encouraging. Posting of thread. Doesn't attract reward much but each comment on threads will earn you 20BMF. Meanwhile,  the maximum number of comments per hour is 3 and since each comment is 20BMF then, the earning per hour is 60bmf and 1000bmf is equals to $1. Which can be withdrawn through  PayPal. I have gotten money severally from the site.
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There are so many sites online that help us earn. I will name a few sites that give us very good earnings. We just have to be consistent and spend time working on these sites.

Micro Task Sites 

Amazon Mturk - This is a paid to task site that let you earn by doing micro tasks. and in return pay you for successful completion of each task. There are a lot of tasks here and you have to take qualifying tests in order for you to qualify to do certain tasks. Examples of tasks that you can do here are, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube tasks, Transcription, article writing, reviewing tasks just to name a few. They have a wide variety of categories and unlimited tasks for you to pick from.

Microworkers - Another paid to task site just like Mturk. While the number and the variety of tasks are not as immense as Mturk, Microworkers also has a good number of simple tasks to complete. Tasks range from signing up to other programs, article writing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube like, Gmail sign up, paid to post in forums, Finding information from LinkedIn and so on.

Paid to Review Calls

Humanatic - This is a great site where you can listen to call recordings, review and tag them. You have to have a verified Paypal account to join and fill in a short application. Once they qualify you here, you can start working here.

Freelancing Sites

Fiverr - One of the best and biggest freelancing marketplace where you can sell your services to earn. They are a marketplace which connects the service provider and the person who needs a particular service. They have a wide variety of categories like Translation, Graphic design, writing, video making, programming and so on. Great site to earn nicely.

Odesk and Guru - Two more freelancing sites as Fiverr where you can sell your services in a wide variety of categories.

Transcription sites

Transcription sites pay you to transcribe audio recordings of interviews, speeches, discussions and so on. They conduct an entry test to qualify you before you could start working with them. Find below some top transcription programs

TranscribeMe, Rev, Quicktate, Tiger fish, SpeakWrite, Verbal Ink, Scribie

There are so many other ways to earn online too but the above sites will give you a nice start. I hope this information is helpful to you to start your online earning journey. Good luck!

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There are many sites that pays. I have listed few from my experience.

1) If you are specialized in any area, then you can try freelancing platforms. 

2) Survey sites like Toluna, Opinion world , Swag bucks are legit sites. But this won't make you rich. You can earn for pocket money.

3) Hive micro and microworker are good and legit sites. Figure eight is also good one.

4) Make YouTube videos. Lot of patience is need to succeed in this category.

5) Data entry jobs like Bpomart. BPO mart is free to join. No joining fees.

6) Answeree, Mylot , the paid forum are legit sites.
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There so many no investment earning site example 

1.survey paid site

A.survey junkey 


C.inbox dollars

2.affiliate marketing paid site associate bank 


Answer paid site 

A.answeree best site 

B.just answer

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You can work and earn money on the following sites:,, hubpages which is for writers and registration is absolutely free, provided you details are right and complete.
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If you want to earn online without paying fee then I think you should have to make your blog, fb page with 10k followers, Instagram with 19k followers, and a youtube channel with 1k Subscriber. Then you can earn money with leggle way.
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If you're looking to make money without paying anything, these options can be great starting points.

  1. Take online surveys. One of the most popular side hustles is to take is to take paid online surveys
  2. Microtasks
  3. Test Websites
  5. Play games
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There are so many ways to earn online. Personally, it is best to have regular jobs online that are connected to companies. For sure, they can pay more than the other earning sites.
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There are many websites that are looking for skillful people to hire and also some sites that doesn't need skill at all. 

These are some websites

These are some of the companies that constantly looking for the people to work for them and mostly are transcription and content writing jobs. 
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There are numerous sites online you can earn cash easily. They are so many.

 Upwork works best for freelancers

You can get many freelancing sites out there 

 There are many survey sites that pay out well and we have others like  tutoring sites
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