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Money gotten through killing ones loved one to make money is often refers to blood money.I see this in some movies and I read weird stories online like this and I can't just processed this in my thought.Whats your thought about this?
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Sometimes I want to believe but, I don't want to think about it because money is the ruth of evil.
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Blood money is real. There is one particular evil man in my village who it was said to have killed his wife for money rituals. People don't go to his house for any reason whatsoever.
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This is what I keep hearing about this a man killing wife for money rituals and it sounds like nollwood movies stories. Was there any truth in this? 

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The mystery of blood money ritual is something that I have known ever since I was a kid at the age of 5 years old and to my greatest surprise, till now that I'm in my mid 30's, I still hear about blood money rituals. To make matters worst is that there are so many other kinds of blood money rituals that desperate individuals now seek out only with the purpose of breaking their poor financial status.

Personally, I have watched a lot of movies where this blood money ritual is acted and it's not something that is to be taken very lightly because it's very wired. Having the option to kill one's loved ones like the mother, the father, and siblings in order to make money is very evil. There are some situations where the person is required to sacrifice his loved ones on yearly basis.
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This sounds unreal to me because I see this alot in movies so I really used to wonder how real this is.
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I always think that there is something like blood money especially when it is related to Africa. The thing that I don't always understand it is possible for people to make money via blood rituals. One thing that I always thought about those that do this is that they are given the powers to make money by those demonic spirits.

When I take a look at how things happen and how easy they prosper in businesses that they get their hands in, then you see that there is a possibility of them getting their hands in bad things. For me, I am against this kind of money as it involves you getting to kill people that truly care about you. Also, the situation where I see some people going to spiritual doctors as risk since it is always difficult for them to help you without huge sacrifices.
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So you believe that this is real because I used to believe it just a way of making gullible people believe that they can make money without any hard work.
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Yes, money ritual do exist. It is not something that is fallacy but for real, especially from continent like Africa where young people are driven by inordinate ambition to be rich by all means necessary. They think they can get rich as quick as possible if they spill innocent blood. All this is done just to live a lifestyle others would see to be glamorous.
Unfortunately, this people don't only use people they don't know for money ritual but they also go as far as using their blood relatives including their parents. It's so pathetic that it seems the order of day in life of most youth. They are so ruthless about getting rich at the expense of people's life that they've thrown caution to the wind.

But one thing I am not certain of is if this ugly incident is been perpetuated in other parts of the world.
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I'm an African but I sometimes doubt this because I don't really see people owning up to this but just hearsays.i sometimes doubt it's authenticity.
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This is very real though I wouldn't know if there is scientific explanation about it.
It is very possible that  such act of ritual killing of young or beloved ones  for money may not exist in other continents because I don't stay there and I have not watched nor read about it happening there but is mostly practice in African continents.  The herbalist or ritualistis usually performed some incantation which eventuality makes the over ambitious people that engaged in such act to be rich over night.
The money comes and they enjoy life for a short before they begin to face the consequences of their actions though some are lucky that they don't face consequences publicly but healthwise,  As much as money ritual or blood money is real it is not advisable because no one has died peacefully from it.
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Sometimes I wonder if it really the rituals that works or it was just the person's appointed time to be rich.why do the herbalist live in penury though.
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I believe blood money actually exist in many part of the work especially in Africa. Many people are lazy and wishes to live in luxury. Let me share a very common blood money story with you. There was this African man living with his two wives and his mother. He went to seek assistance of ritualist in company of his youngest wife. And after the whole process of the ritual. The man was given a pot to put on the head of whoever he first meet in the mid night. So he concluded with his youngest wife to use his eldest wife. When the youngest wife got home she sneakily told the eldest wife what transpered and pleaded with her never to open her door for the husband when he comes knocking in the mid night.

The husband came knocking as she was told and she refuse to open her door. The husband then moved to the youngest wife's door and kept knocking. She also didn't open until his own mother came out and he screened No!!!.but since the instruction is to use the fist person to sight the pot, he had no option than to use his mom. So he put the pot on his mom’s head. That was how he became rich and the two wives divorsed him and ran for their life's.
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Hmmm,this sounds more like a movie and a bit scary, I don't know but I keep on reading this and just hope it one of those fairy tales. 

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