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The egg, because there were still animals that laid eggs long before chickens existed.

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This question seems pretty tricky for one to provide straightfoward answer to. First of all, egg is layed by chicken which requires it to be hatched by the chicken. In other words, without chicken, egg cannot be layed and hatched. So therefore, there must be the presence of chicken for the egg layed to be brooded, hatched and become a chick that'd definitely grow up to become chicken.

Now let's look at the situation whereby there is no chicken. Meaning that there can never be egg. And let's take for example, there is egg and there's no chicken to hatch it, how can such egg be hatched? Except maybe through the use of artificial means which is the use of incubator. And before the use of this artificial method of hatching eggs into chicks, there must be the availability of chicken to lay these eggs.
From the above analysis, we all can deduce that chicken came first before the egg because without chicken there can never be egg.
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And without the egg, there can never be a chicken. It still goes back to the same cycle of analysis. 
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Yes. I thought about it in that light too but one is needed for the cycle to start. You can't go to the market and buy only egg expecting it to hatch you a chick without using incubator. But you can do that with chicken, which means that chicken is the starter of the cycle.
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It is a bit of a brain teaser if you start to reason it. First you can't have an egg without a chicken and again you can't have a chicken without an egg. Which brings us down to the question about which one came first.

Some scientific studies have it that some chicken like bird many eras ago laid the eggs that we know today as chicken. These birds were somewhat similar in genetic constitution to our chicken today. They were called protochicken. It is said that genetic mutation occured and the eggs hatched into chicken as we know it today. This makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Else I would have been thinking back to evolution right from the era of dinosaurs and it would still bring me back to the conclusion of genetic mutation somewhere along the line of evolution.
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I don't know how i should answer this question, or from what point. The thing is chickens don't just come to being, it is like a family tree. You know you will have to go back to the roots to know where who came from and where. The truth of the matter is the eggs come first definitely. Without the eggs there is no way the chicken will come about. I am tempted to ask,  where did the first chicken come from for it to have laid eggs and hatched, but that's something that no one can comprehend, only God has the answer to that. But from my knowledge eggs come first, just like human beings there has to be a rooster for all this to happen. Without it there would be no eggs definitely. When the rooster is there, eggs are laid, then the chicken will lay on them for like 21 days then hatch. That's my take.
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The only authoritative source is the bible, and that says the chicken came first.

Of course there is always somebody who thinks he has a better idea.

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