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What is your suggestions?
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I don't really know but base on my cousin's dream when her niece died, he sees her niece in here dream, they were singing and eating foods in heaven wearing white clothes.
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Wow,like really I wonder the kind of food we will eating when we get to heaven.i can just manage the level of praises.

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Our activities in heaven is going to be all about glorifying God by praising and worshipping his only name. It's going to be wonderful place where God is going to manifest his full glory  and we his sons including the saints and angels are all going to remain in awe by constantly exalt him.

Heaven according to the book of revelation there is going to be new heaven and earth, where there will be no death because by this time the death bringer i.e, devil will be completely annihilated and thrown into the abyss of hell where him and his minions and cohorts would remain for eternity.

In the same vain, old earth would be purged from all form of sins that plagued it by the activities of the devil. And finally the newness that's going to be experienced in heaven will be introduced on earth and then heaven and earth will become one, because there would be no gulf between the both because by then, sins and the wicked will of man would've been subjected to the Holy Will of God Almighty
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With just glorifying God all day I will be glad to be there. I hope to get to heaven some day too. 
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I think that we should try to understand that heaven is a place meant for those that are looking at enjoying the good things of life. I have always believed that while we are in heaven, we are going to join the host of angels to praise and worship the Lord of lords and the king of kings.  Our Lord is a mighty God and he always promise us that there is a better package for us in heaven which means that as long as we are in heaven, we should expect no sufferings, no pains, no death or loss of loved ones.

Also, there are things that we are yet to know now that will come out in the clear when we are in heaven especially as getting to see the end of Satan and everything that has to do with him. I always try to live that righteous like while on earth because I know heaven is a great place for us to enjoy.
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Great,so we will just be praising and praying to God every minutes of our live there.i think it will be splendid at least there will be no worries.
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I think we were created to walk with God in the God in the garden of the cool of the day called Aljanah in Islam. It is promised that heaven will be a place where God's will is done perfectly. I can't really wait to witness it and what it will looks like. By the way, if you think everything that happened on earth happens on God's will, I have a question to ask you; why were we commanded to pray or why did God gave us conscience. Thus, heaven is the culmination and progression of the kingdom of God in its redeemed state. So, we will continue to worship Allah, sing his praises, adore his magnificent creations and live together in peace, harmony and tranquility. Truly, heaven is built as reward to worthy service to God.

We will meet our great prophets life and direct including our deceaesed love ones. At the thought of any desires, it will just appear.
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That will be a great one for everyone and I hope life will just be good for everyone too. 

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