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I have literally watched thousands of movies including TV series but my all time favorite would be the HBO GAME OF THRONES SERIES. 

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Like everybody else I am fond of movies as well but I refrain myself from watching any random ones.I prefer movies with strong storylines having serious characters rather than comedies and romance. I do watch rom-coms but once in a blue moon day.My favorite genre is historical and war movies filled with mind blowing strategies,be it diplomatic or military.My favorite movies are usually Hollywood but occasionally I watch Hindi and South Indian movies as well.

So here are my top movies watching which I had great time:

  • Bridge of spies:

It's historical drama set during cold war era.A US spy plane,U2, was shot down during it's flight on USSR airspace and it's pilot was cought.A lawyer in USA is entrusted for the negotiation of getting back the pilot back to the States in exchange of a Soviet spy who is serving sentence in USA.

  • Armageddon

An asteroid is going to hit earth and all it's life is going to get extinct due to immediate impact or due to the nuclear winter.NASA has this job of preventing it from hitting earth and recruits a oil driller to carve out a plane to nuke the asteroid by landing on it.

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I've seen quiet a lot of movies because I very much enjoy watching movies. So it's going to be a tough one choosing which movie has been the best so far for me. I think i'll go by a few genres and pick those which I believe are close to being the best.

Adventure movies can be very thrilling given the complete setting of any which usually is set in ancient times, a time that's very much fascinating to me. I always wondered how people live their lives back then. And asides that, a lot of history, actual history can be picked up from these kinds of movies. Lord of the rings and Game of thrones series happens to be my two favorite adventure movies. Everything seems perfect in these two films, not a single mistake can be pointed out in any scene as regards to material and objects used to match the portrayed time. I mean, the amount of work put into making these two films are just effortless bringing forth an overwhelming result. I don't see any movie breaking their records anytime soon.

When it comes to sci-fi, i think Cloverfield Paradox will take the spot of best for me. It's a movie set in a future Earth where our sun happens to be dying in some way and science came up with a solution. The solution involved astronauts traveling to space to launch a man made energy which is suppose to revive the dying sun. In the process during a hyper jump, the astronauts mistakenly jump into a parallel universe where they found another earth with the same people as us, only that it was a different world. They got stuck but ried hard and finally returned to our world. In doing so, they came along with them a new threat that could destroy the entire world, more of like a consequence for making direct contact with a different world. I kind of like science theories and this is why I love this movie because it talks about the highly debated existence of a parallel universe, which I believe in the possibilities.
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I have watched lots of movies right from childhood, initially I watched movies regardless types but I grow I streamline the type of movies I watch, they are mostly adventures movies and leadership related movies.
The latest movie that I have watched and learn so much from is Designated survival.  It is a very interesting movies that really displayed how government is been run,  the Challenges the intelligence and the benefits of leadership.
The technology advancement in the movie was so wonderful,  the lead actor popularly known as Jack Bauer Was the president in the movie.
Another movies where I tapped serious knowledge technologically from Nikita,  it was in this movie that I learnt about the technology behind cloning.
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Among all the movies I have ever watched, one actually stood out for me. And funny enough, when I was a movie freak there is no single day that passed I don't watch this movie. In spite the fact this movie was released before or within the period I was born, I fell in love with it the very moment I watched it.

The movie I am talking about is no other than Scarface. It featured the lead character in the person of Alpacino, which answered to the name Tony Montana in the movie. The movie was about drug trafficking on how he rose from poor background to become one of the richest in the drug cartel business. He had to kill along the way to rise in the hierarchy above those that were in the business before him. He even killed one of his fellow drug dealer to marry his wife.

The highlight of the movie for me was the killing of his best friend that they started of together when they had nothing just because of  his sister. It was really touchy to see how he killed him because he fellow in love with his sister.

In summary, the movie still remain my best movie of all time I've ever watched. If I can still lay my hands on the movie, I would not hesitate to watch it all over again.

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