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last month i have meet an online job which i earned $112 in just one month. 
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I just took a payment of $23 USD from one of the paid forums that I work on.

I needed the money urgently for something and it was the reason why I had to cash out. 

Under normal circumstances, I don't take anything below $30 from any website I work on. 
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Mitch, what was that website you are on and do they pay you already?

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Well, I have been working on so many paid forum websites and each and every one pays me differently. It's almost impossible for me to earn the exact same amount of money from all online websites that I'm working on as a freelancer because earning rate is completely different from one website to another.

There are some websites that which I earn at least a minimum of $30 USD because the amount of work which I do on the website on daily basis is very limited which directly impacts on how much money I would be able to earn from the website on monthly basis.
On the other hand, there is a particular website where I earn at least a minimum of $100 on monthly basis or even more depending on how much work which is available to be carried out at the moment on the website.
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Please which website do you earn this much I'm still looking out for other sites that is worth spending time on. 
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This is true as you can't really say that you are earning a certain amount as it is not always fixed. However, it is great that you make up to a $100 monthly on the sites that you work on. 
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Tell me about the website where you are making money. I need money for my studies. 
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Working online is one of the ways that I get to feel a good time and one thing that I have noticed about doing so is that I get to enjoy some good times which is pretty nice. On a monthly basis, I always try to make as high as $40 from two sites that I work onand while I know that it has not been an easy one for me to do, I have always tried as much as I can to keep up with the tempo which is pretty nice.

When it comes to making some money while doing what I enjoy, that is writing, I just can't turn the offer down since this is one of the ways that I get to learn a lot. I do forum posting and every day presents me with the opportunity for me to learn some new things which is going to help my life. Also, I have made amazing friends working on the internet as well and that is a plus to how good that it has been so far.
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This really depends. I'm a freelancer, so my pay varies. I've also been busy with school and other side projects, so I simply don't have the time or resources to work long hours. I would recommend the site Fiverr if you're looking for online employment. It gives you the ability to sign up and create "gigs", where people can hire you to do certain jobs depending on your niche. For example, I'm a freelance writer - therefore, my niche is going to be in writing. I have several gigs surrounding proofreading, editing, and ghostwriting for others online. There's also a nifty little tab called "Buyers Requests" on Fiverr, where buyers post what they need to be done. You can just drop a message in their inbox pitching your services, and if you're polite and use correct grammar, there's a decent chance they'll hire you.

If freelancing doesn't work for you, you can also flip things on eBay or other online selling platforms. This means that you buy things at low prices, and sell them at high prices. For example, if you find a $20 necklace at a flea market worth $200, you can buy it and sell it somewhere else for $150. You make a large profit, and the buyer gets a nice discount on the product. Win win! Hope this helps!

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