With the current trend nowadays, where online work is getting popular every day, we can find work that could give us income which may be equally or even more than we earn from our offline work. With this situation, are you willing to give up your day job for something that is not secure such as online working? Why and why not?
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No I will not quit an offline job regardless of how difficult my life there. At my offline job I have medical and life insurance. I even have a retirement pay so why I will leave it. I can still work on both so while I am strong I will be in.
As for me, there is nothing I wouldn't do to free myself from the whims and caprices associated with offline work. Online work makes you to be your own boss. Mind you there is no job security in offline work environment, but if you can create something offline that is long lasting, you won't have to bother about financial freedom for the rest of your life. 

I for one love my freedom and independence right from time. I don't like being tossed around as if I am a puppet by anybody. That's why for me offline wins my heart compare to offline.

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People will consider, I will consider quitting a regular job for online earning; however, nobody is really going to take this risk in real life. We have experience that online earning is neither enough, nor it will remain unless the offline business advertisement raises for it. For me, it is part-time earning or something that is good for disabled for simple earning. 

But when I get retired, then I'll go with online which is easy for old age too; till then I am learning online earning and understanding new ways which will make me an expert in somewhat realistic manner, and maybe I will open my own money making website which will share revenue.
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I am retired now so this is not an option but I worked online when I had a job in the real world and I would never have given it up to work solely online.  This is mainly because I had skills for my regular job but not for online work.

I suppose it would be possible for some people who had specialised skills to make a living online but I think for most of us it is just a way to make a little extra money or as in my case enjoy the interaction I get from communicating with other people who like writing.

It would be a huge risk and I would think very time consuming for the average person to make a living online so for that reason alone I would never have attempted it.
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It depends with skills that i have to work online. Skills like programming, transcribing, freelancing and blogging pay one good amounts. With the basic writing skills, i don't think I can quite my offline job for online.

Also, most of the online jobs aren't stable. Most of them stay around for some months then disappear. Lots of forums have been around but they ended up scamming people. For this reason again I won't quit my offline job for online.

Also working offline is advantageous because you'll meet people and mingle out unlike in online where its you and the forum members maybe only interacting.
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I cannot quite my offline job to work online. Not with the current skills I have acquired. I know there are a lot of people out there who only work online. It is their source of income and it sustains their lifestyle. Those People have the required skills that are in demand and won't go out of date.

If I acquire all the skills necessary especially in freelancing, I can consider quitting my offline job to work online. Working online is increasingly becoming famous. I love the comfort that comes with it. The fact that you get to pick the hours you work and you don't have to follow a regular routine makes it unique. 

In the nearest future, this might be a reasonable option for me. I know some jobs and sites aren't stable but it gets better when you are better. The jobs will come looking for you. 
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This sounds wonderful and a dream come true. However, there are some major drawbacks when you consider this:

  1. The companies who offer work at home programs and will give you 40 hours a week work, don't offer any type of job security, benefits, retirement, or even vacation or sick leave. 
  2. You will be responsible for filing all your own tax documents and paying your taxes.
  3. If you figure this out the pay you earn minus your monthly deductions will be quite a bit lower than what you are paid now.
  4. You will need to pay for your own health benefits. This alone with no help from a company is rather expensive and will take a major cut in the money you earn each month. 
  5. You need to consider your retirement. Working from home has zero retirement benefits unless you do your own.
  6. You will more than likely need to make your own tax deductions documents and send in taxes to your local government.
  7. You might even need an accountant to help out figure out your income statement, how much you owe, and what you'll need to pay. This means that each month, you'll need to set aside a large portion of your pay for taxes. 
Considering all this it is better to work for a company that offers their employees a chance to work at home and not commutes to the office each day. Then you have the best of both worlds. 
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Yes, I would definitely quit my offline job for an online one. I am introverted and I don't like going out at all a,d I feel I don't give my job the best I can, because I'm always worrying about my appearance and my every move that it makes it hard for me to be comfortable and do my job in the best way I can. But in the other hand, an offline job where I'd be comfortable in my home without worrying about anyone in public, that's the dream for me. I think I'd perform better in such a job because I will be comfortable and I'll focus more on what I have to do instead of getting anxious about things that don't matter at all.
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No, never. I weigh my option. On online job, I consider it as a part time job. Online job will grow like mushroom but some sites are not easy to work on the opportunity it provided. It requires skills and experience, while some requires focus and dedication. If you don't have those, it will be hard on you. What I said works only on sites like Freelance.com and Upwork. However, on some sites, it depends on the revenue of the site before you say it is a establish ones. With online, there is no stability. Earning is possible but we want stability. We want to earn for long. On my offline job, my company existed since 1939, so with stability sakes, it is very well established. Besides monthly income, I get to earn extra by doing over time and I have medical insurance and lifetime insurance as well. My online job cannot give that, so it is a no.
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No. I don't ever think to quit my offline job to pursue online job. The main reason I couldn't able to earn enough money from online working. The next one is I love to work in offline surroundings. I love to chat with people about my work. Another one is gaining knowledge is better in offline than online job. 
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What attracts people to a job is the pay rate, it is true that some offline jobs pays better than online, but high paying online jobs requires very high skills and people with such abilities have quit their jobs to pursue a living working online. So the answer is yes. 
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It depends on which of them will improve my mindset and skillset and that is the reason why I want a job. I want an Offline or Online Job as long as it increases my chances in health and wealth.
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I did this 7 years ago. I have been teaching online for more than 7 years now. There is no regret because I can earn money more than the regular jobs offline before. I am sure we need to find a good niche before indulging fully to an online job.
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