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I always wanted to have my own vegetable garden in our home but, hardly get a good soil for them to grow.

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We currently have a small indoor garden. We're growing tomatoes, oregano, and peppers. My husband wants to eventually make it to where we have a hydroponic system so we can grow other things indoors as well. Our main issue with indoor growing is space. Sadly though in the area we live in growing outdoors is not really an option.
In some areas the soil doesn't have enough nutrients for plants to thrive. If the outdoor soil in your area isn't very nutrient rich, I find store bought potting soil is the way to go. It's relatively cheap, and they have different types for soil for different types of plants.
Food that you grow yourself tastes so much better than food you by from the store. And you save a ton of money because you don't have to buy expensive store produce.
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That is nice, you have your own food right from your gardens and its healthy too.
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I tried cultivating tomatoes in the past but it didn't survive.

How did you succeed in doing it? 
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I have a little vegetable farm or garden that is tended by my partner and she is doing a very good job of it. I do tend to it too but very rarely because I hardly have time for it. It always good to have a vegetable garden where all things green can be planted on it and this is really cost effective because most vegetables needed will come from the garden and one don't need to buy any.
Another good thing is always having very fresh vegetables for cooking and it will be organic with it's nutrients intact unlike some bought from the markets that chemical used on them might have limit the nutritional value of it and sometimes even getting to the market to get the fresh ones might be a hassle because we might not find them fresh.Having a vegetable garden at home is the best.
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That is true, and you don't spray chemicals in your garden and the fact you know what you eat rather than buying at supermarket.
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When you talk about the good things of nature, there is need to talk about having a garden as this is one way that we can ensure that nature stay with us always. Imagine the cool breeze that we are going to experience when we are having that garden very close to us while there are times that the garden will also make the heat weather to be mild as well.

Also, the air that we are going to breath when we have the garden close to us is top notch unlike when we have refuse dumps around us. One thing that is necessary when we have a garden near to us is to have a means of getting access to water which is essential to maintaining the garden.

Furthermore, those that have gardens should always have someone that will cut the leaves when they are growing higher since it is a way to make it look beautiful.
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Agriculture is a very good part of my family's business. We take it up on both subsistence agriculture and commercial agriculture because in our country today, agriculture is one of the most profitable investments for anyone to venture into. The one thing which I love so much about agriculture is that there are so many parts to it which one could decide to take up. It's not all about farming and tilling of land as well as planting. You can decide to venture into fishery, poultry, agrochemicals and so on.
But here, we are discussing about the farming extension of agriculture which involves having a garden in one's home. Now, where I'm living in the city at the moment is not my house but a rented apartment, so it's not possible to have a garden here but I have one in my farm and there are lots of vegetables planted in it like pumpkin, water leaf, lettuce, etc.

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