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 To answer this question one must have a degree of familiarity with this drug, preferably a health professional who manages Marijuana related problems.
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Smoking is not a good thing. If you can avoid not smoking Marijuana at all would be a good decision in my opinion.

I have never smoked for once in my life and I'm never planning on smoking Marijuana. 
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There are some short-term and long-term side effects of using Marijuana. 

Short-term Effects:

1. Short-term memory problems.

2. Severe anxiety and Paranoia.

3. Strange behavior like hearing and smelling thing things that don't exist.

4. Increase heart rate which leads to the heart attack.

Long-term Effects:

1. Intimate violence in the family, relationship problems.

2. A decline in IQ.

3. Lower life satisfaction.

4. Antisocial behavior including stealing money or lying.

Despite being benefits to use CBD in heart disease, don't get addicted to it.

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I will start by saying I am not a medical health professional, but I have smoked marijuana for the past 10 years and I have written several college level papers on you topic of marijuana. Marijuana has been known to give some people anxiety. I have experienced this for myself. Some strains especially sativa dominant strains are more prone to causing anxiety and rapid heart rate. If anxiety is your problem maybe try an indica dominant strain, or stop smoking completely.
Marijuana can also cause headaches in some people.  This is because of the high concentration of THC being taken into the body rapidly. Other side effects could be things like nausea, tiredness, breathing problems, or rarely vomiting and heart attacks.
Ultimately the side effects of marijuana can be different for everyone. So talk to your doctor about it if you feel you are having severe side effects.
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Excellent answer. There are many side effect people ignore. These include decreased reflex time, memory inconsistencies, delusions, decreased capacity to perform complex tasks, an array of psychological issues and a small potential to cause the user to move onto stronger drugs. Most concerning people utilizing this drug may drive with it in their systems causing outcomes too horrific to note here. Thank you.
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My partner told me he was smoking marijuan when he was at his teens until 30's, is this could be the reason too he has anxiety to go out with my friends, he had no friends anymore because he doesn't like them. 
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Marijuana is a drug that is in form of leaves which many people have gotten addicted to while a lot of others will still fall into this same trap. The truth is that while people think that on a general note, the side effects of taking marijuana in any form is not severe, there is need for us to understand the negative effects as regards the brain damage it can do to those that always want to smoke it.

I have this friend that is fond of taking marijuana back then in school. I called him aside as friend and advised him that taking this drugs whether in the smoke form, cooking a meal with or adding it to a drink is not good. He disobeyed me and continued and sadly, it didn't take few months, he had mental issues and was admitted at the psychiatric hospital. I believe that many will always feel that the side effects is not much till they get ruined by this drug.
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Here in New Zealand they are proposing to make the marijuana as medicinal legally but of course not for addiction purposes. I believe Marijuana has multiple or medicinal effects if using it correctly.
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Marijuana has both positive and negative effects, it all depends on how the drug is used by those who makes use of it. Personally, I haven't smoked Marijuana for once in my life because my principles is strictly against smoking as I'm well aware of the negative effects and consequences that comes with being a smoker.

I have friends who suffer from being so much addicted to smoking Marijuana and it has the capacity to screwing up one's mental health. There are cases of madness over here in country as a result of over smoking Marijuana, so it's pretty a very harmful drug to use when you make the mistake of abusing the drug. I have only used Marijuana to prepare food every once in a while and it's very tasty with the kind of sweet aroma it adds to the food.
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Talking about usual (not medical) marijuana, I could define such side effects like:

  • Increased heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Red eyes.
  • Increased appetite.

Marijuana also affects the brain because the main ingredient, THC, enters the bloodstream and is carried to the brain where it reacts with several parts. It affects the pleasure seeking part of the brain, which is why many users feel a high after using marijuana.

Another thing is medical marijuana which is highly useful and has beneficial properties like:

  1.  ability to cure chronic pains
  2. ability to cure post traumatic symptoms, anxiety and stress
  3. ability to kill cancer cells
  4. cures multiple sclerosis
  5. cures epilepsy
  6. treats glaucoma
  7. prevents Alzheimer's
  8. relieves arthritis
  9. soothe tremors for people with Parkinson's syndrom
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There are numerous sside effects of taking marijuana, among which are; 1. Short term memory problem. 2. Severe anxiety, including fear that one is being watched or or followed (paranoia). 3. Hallucinations. 4. Very strange behavior, seeing things that don't exist and not being able to tell imagination from reality which is medically called "psychosis". 5. Panic. 6.Loss of sense of personal identity. 7. Lowered reaction time. 8. Increased heart rate (risk of heart attack).

Other effects include 9. Problem with coordination ( impairing safe driving 9r playing sports) it occurs to those that drives. 10. Sexual problem (for males). And finally it makes you highly prone to contract sexually transmitted infections than non user ( for females).All of these are short term effects.

The long term effects includes; decline in IQ, poor school performance, impaired thinking and inability to learn and perform complex tasks, potential development of opiate abuse, earl death etc.
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These are wonderful points,  lots of people who consume this drugs are not always in their normal senses because their brain is truncated already. 
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Marijuana is one of the most consumed intoxicant drug today globally,  it originate from a plant called Indian hemp.
The persistent smoking of this drug has caused lots of brain damages to most of the drug addicts across the world today.
It is not really good for the body when it is consumed directly because it has about 400 chemicals present in it that are capable of upsetting their mental capacity Which makes them do extra ordinary things that are out of their senses.
The consumption of this drugs has made lots of youths to drop of school today due to addiction,  they can't just do without it,  sometimes when they take it they forget themselves possibly sleep off even when they have exams.
It is very important if the government of country control the inflow and outflow of this drug because it has it positive impact too.

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