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After the age of 30, we start to slow down and our metabolism will slow down and people start to gain weight.  What do you do to keep healthy and stay in shape? Nobody wants to gain weight and everyone needs to do something to keep their body in shape.

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Answers to staying Healthy mostly lie in the most simple ways of living. Follow a nutrition that suits you and works best for you. Recognize your symptoms and work towards them. Make small changes but sustainable changes.

  • Eating the right foods at the right timings is essential. Mixing foods that don’t go well together can lead to acidity, bloating issues. For example having fruits with your main meals, is a strict no.
  • Feed your body the foods that heal your gut. Increase the nutrients in the diet and reduce the irritants, thereby creating a balance and harmony.
  • Reduce Inflammation in your body. An inflamed body leads to a lot of diseases and hormonal imbalances. Reduce the inflammation by eating right. 80% of our immunity lies in our gut. Take care of it.
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Eat foods with low carbohydrates. Include protein rich food in your diet. Avoid transfats. Include fruits in your diet. Do simple exercises and more walking. Jump or run like a child when you are about to express your happiness. Keep engaged. Be like a young person even if you are about to 50s or 60s. Play games and do hobbies. Never alow your mind to be older. Drink lot of water. Intake fresh air as possible as you can. Do wine making and have it in small quantities. Be happy. Make good friends. Be with family. Have hot sex. Enjoy every seconds without thinking negative.
You will live longer and stronger because you are more healthier than you think.
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All right, here you go:

    1 Get regular blood tests done to check your body for any deficiencies or imbalances. Proper supplementation must be taken to support the body. Vouch for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron levels. 2. Get your body going. Workout and make your body feel better. Physical exercise is a must to attain a good health. It can be anything from Brisk walking, to yoga, to gymming. 3. Go Fresh! Avoid processed foods and foods that have a longer shelf life. Those foods are full of toxins and preservatives, that are better kept away from the gut micro-biome as much as possible. 4. Sleep on warm and comfortable mattress. Find many reviews of different mattresses on
Hope this answered the question somewhat.
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First,what you eat determines how much weight you're gaining.Actually eating junk and fatty foods isn't bad at all.The problem is people do get tired,exercising so that they can break down the cholesterol.

Exercising everyday is the most fundamental element in living a healthy life.Even 30 minutes every morning running few metre is important.

If you're aware that you ain't good at exercising then reduce the intake of junk meals it will help in a way.

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