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imagewith old age, comes many diseases. What are your tips to stay fit and healthy once you are in your fifties? 

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I'm at 30's now and I think I can say I am healthy and I wanted to do thins to make me healthy. Maybe we could do exercising daily and change our food intake.
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Tips for those who are in their fifties, exercise, drink lot's of water, keep a positive mind, worry less take time for yourself, that's very important. have a me time. and red wine also keeps the wrinkles away good luck.

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Hi. I am far from reaching fifty but I will speak based on what I've observed. I have been working with people who are mostly in their early and mid-fifties, and I often tell them, "I hope by the time I'm 50, I'll also be able to do what you are doing."

These friends of mine do not eat rice and always make it a point to account huge amount of veggies in their diet. They also do not drink juices and softdrinks. They prefer water and tea above anything else, with beer as exemption (laughs). Other important things to consider are regular exercise and sufficient amount of sleep. No matter how busy or tiring their day was, they never miss their morning exercise or if it cannot be helped, they make it a point to take ample steps enough to release some sweat. They also ensure that at the end of the day, they are well-rested.
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Well, right diet indeed makes a lot of difference!! A little bit of exercise also goes a long way in keeping one fit and healthy. Nice tips. Thanks for sharing!
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As we age every second, our body system tends to lose vigour and it isn't not as sharp as it used to be. Our digestion, our heart, excretion etc. This is the time when everything unhealthy that we engage in through the years start to take charge of our body. So in this light, I would say that you shouldn't wait until your fifties before you start thinking about how to live healthy.

Having said that, people in their fifties should live the healthiest, cut out drinking and smoking. Sugar is terrible as well. You can't get away with these things like you used to. The effects become almost immediately. Eat less oily and fatty foods, less carbs, more water and fruits. Have a healthy exercise routine. Get involved in something fun and fulfilling. Like joining a group, a book club and spending more time with family. It is healthy for the mind too.
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I liked the suggestion of doing something fun and fulfilling. Mental health is as important as the physical health.
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A healthy mind paves way for a healthy body. As the saying goes, once we start aging, we have a lot of everyday tensions and situations impacting our mental health, which in turn affects our physical health. Since fifties are closer enough to retirement, we worry about our savings , expenses, emergency funds, whether we have enough to get us through after retirement, so on and so forth. This can wreak havoc with our healthy hormones and in turn lead to some condition or the other. The best ways to stay fit during fifties are :

1. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts.

2. Do not worry too much about what is not in your control.

3. Treat yourself to that sugary eclair you have been eyeing on the store shelf , once in a while. It is ok if you are not so healthy. Our body once in a while needs the happy hormones raging.

4. Go to the park, walk around and meet new people everyday.

5. Talk to people about your problems and insecurities which can greatly improve your mindset and physical health

6. Eat simple home-cooked food whenever you can in a week. Try doing every other day, you may get into the routine.
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Very nice tips! I feel these tips should be adopted as a way of life. And these are not just for the people in their fifties but for people of all age groups.
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Absolutely. There is no age bar to follow a positive mindset and a nice way of life.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
Being fifty does not mean you can't stay fit and be healthy. My candid advise is that, those that are still far away from reaching this milestone age, should take it into their hands the responsibility of working persistently on themselves. By doing this, you put yourself on the advantageous side of keeping age-related diseases at bay once you are fifty and above.

Nevertheless, it is not too late for those already in their fifties as they still have hope in accomplishing their fitness and health goals. With the keenest of intentions, they can get motivated to go for light workout such as engaging in long distance brisk walk every morning or evening.

Additionally, they can practice eating of balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits including drinking a lot of water. At this age, you are expected to quit smoking and drinking of alcohol. Abstain from soft drinks, and be more active physically instead of sitting sedentarily  in one place.
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People who are in fifties, needs a lot of rest. I know a certain woman in that age that is doing zumba, cross fit and some crunches at home. This woman has been healthy and fit ever since and I admire her for doing that. If you are fifty, you need to consult your dietician so that you know the food that you should be eating that will keep you strong and healthy. Some will recommend some food supplements that is good for the heart and nerves. When it comes to exercise, one basic is doing some stretching in the morning and also trying to learn Yoga. When you are old, do not let yourself be stress with all the happening in your life. Still I will say maintain to have a good rest, full sleep, drinking water and some exercises that is good for the heart like running.
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Staying fit even in our fifties isn't a one time thing or what we just start doing in our fifties, it should be what have been in progress since our twenties. One don't just wake up in the fifties to want to really be healthy and fit but I'm not ruling out the possibility but I'm just saying that it good to always been healthy and living right from the onset of our lives.

One can start by doing little exercises daily,to raise the heart rate and metabolism which will help the digestive system to  function properly. Eat healthy meals and balanced diet to help one from falling sick unnecessarily.
Taking enough water daily to stay hydrated and help flush out toxins from the system.

Dieting should be encouraged like intermittent fasting to avoid overworking the body.
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I am in my sixties and my health is still good. I get the odd cold or cough and although I did have a health scare recently it turned out to be nothing,

I think a lot of it is genetic but as you get older your body will tell you to slow down and you should listen to it. So many of my friends have died in their fifties through heavy drinking and smoking. Your body won't take as much abuse as you get older.

I am much more health conscious than I was when I was younger. I eat a healthy diet, make sure I walk regularly and try to gt enough sleep. When I was younger I could burn the candle at both ends and still get up and go to work but now I really need my sleep and if I have a bad night I will be wiped out for the rest of the day.

Most of it is common sense. Listen to what your body is telling you and hopefully you will live a long and healthy life.
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People at the age of fifties can be more healthy and stronger if they follow medical advises. At the age of fifty and above it is obvious that the organs in the system are gradually getting weak which implies that in take of fats and sugar must be drastically reduce to avoid diabetes and over weight.
Exercise at intervals will also make them more fit and strengthen the organs performance because of discharge of wastes in the process of exercise. I have seen men and women who are active in sporting activities at fifties, they look healthy and stronger
Heart failure is usually prone to happen at this stage, it is advisable for them to thinkless and not  get themselves over burden , smoking should also be discarded as it can easily affects the lung performance at that age.
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First of all, keeping fit and staying healthy is the ability of us to stay away from sickness. The major way that we can be healthy is by eating right and this can be achieved when we understand the type of food that is good for our body. I have always seen people that are out there eating anything that  they come across and I wonder how long is that going to last. Ensuring that we eat cooked food more and less of junk and snacks is a great way to start.
Furthermore, we should always have it at the back of our minds that exercising is a great way to keep the organs of the body working fine. I don't really think that we can survive for long and remain fit, if we don't try to improve on the way that we exercise. There are intense and light exercising methods that we have out there and adoption of any and becoming consistent with it will go a long way to help.
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I am still at my 30's and in order for us to be healthy at the age we are at, is to do some regular exercise.  Avoid bad habits such as, smoking, drinking and eating fastfoods.You have to change your food intake into healthy stuff like more vegetables and fruits and less meat. People who don't watch their eating habits tend more to get sick and experience a feeling of heaviness. Do not excess your meal, eat only small proportion rather than eating them all in one meal, this is very unhealthy actually. You have to discipline yourself and have some fun with friends and do something will make you feel happy. Avoid too much stress too, and don't forget to take some vitamin like E it will help your skin look more glowing from the inside.

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