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Do you believe that it's possible to travel to the future with the use of advanced technology equipment? 

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I don't think so because there is no proven proof that someone can travel in the future. This theory is just an imagination in a movies we have watched. But there are some humors that a person see what will be our future because he is been there to see it. I don't if they just say it for them to become famous and get the talk by everybody. I don't believe that someone can see a future either but someone can predict the future but unsure about it if it will happen or not. Maybe some scientist will discover or create a technology to time travel in the future, until then we can't predict about it. It would be nice to see what our future looks like and what possibilities to resolves every problem and to prevent something to happen if it won't be good for all of us.
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I used to say nothing is impossible and it's always not  good to say never ever because most things we have now in these days it sounded like fiction and some fairytales years back but look at how advance technology has become and will continue to become.
Science students and already scientists are not resting on their oaths to discover, uncover, explore and exploit the universe and trying to make things that looks extraordinary happens. So we should expect more innovations, new models, ideas and creativity.

Getting into the future sounds very possible for me, it just a matter of time and we are seeing it happens. New scientists are brewing everywhere and looking for a way to make a name for themselves, so this might just be the next target so let just watched out.
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I think that the world of technology is trying to make a whole lot of things to work in a way that they never planned to make it look like. The thing is this, when we talk of traveling to the future, we should understand that it is only imaginative way of those scientists trying to ensure that they work things the way that they want. The thing when we talk about some of those things is that you cannot get the actual area of the future that you are trying to penetrate through.

I think that the world of God as directed by the Holy Spirit is the only way that one can be able to find out what is happening in the future. The word of God is super and power and there is need for us to always ask the Holy Spirit to give us the power to see what happens in the future.
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As we know we are in 21 st century and we have already developed many technologies the future can be very advanced. I think as our technology is advancing day by day it to possible that people will start living on moons and other planets too. But, i think it is impossible to see future with or without any technology too. No, one has ever claimed that he came back from future, because we can remember past but for future you need to train your mind to do same thing you want to see yourself in future. However many scientists have claimed that they will make such a technology. But, no one can see future neither humans nor animals and this is true as my belief.Thus, it is concluded that we are human beings we can just remember our past but can't think about future.
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The other day I was watching this documentary on time travel and got really amazed on the focus of the documentary. It futures one American man who came forward with proves of time travel. This documentary was produced during the late 90's before Obama became the president of America. This man, the focal individual of the documentary had lost his dad just a few months before the documentary was shot. After the death of his dad, he decided to go through his late father's work materials which were packed in the basement of the house. He came across a box filled with materials related to his father's former place of work. Among the materials, he saw several pictures of his dad in places he didn't recognize. Among them was one particular picture capturing a group of people with planks protesting against a black president. He noticed it was in washington, but then, their president wasn't black and America has never had a black president before. Some years later, Obama came into power and the protest came to life just as in the picture he found years ago. It happened that his father during his life time worked for a government agency which he had very little knowledge of. If that wasn't time travel, then I have no idea what that picture was. This is just one instance on many other unanswered cases where time travel can be used to justify such situation.

During the JFK assassination, dozens of people were seen capturing images at the president's motor cade passing. One particular individual captured an image of a woman dressed completely different from that time. The cloths she had was from what we wear in modern times and it also showed her holding onto what looked a cellphone, things that weren't even invented yet during that time. Till date, no one knows who that woman was.

Drawing from the above which is are confirmed stories, i'll say that time travel is possible. Maybe it's already existing but we just don't know about it. Or maybe in the nearest future, It just might come to be a reality.

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