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It's not possible. There is no way two different individuals would ever have the same fingerprints, not even identical twins. 

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Not really possible to have two people with the exact same fingerprints. SOme things might be similar but not even identical twins have the same fingerprints, so technically it would be impossible/highly unlike for two people to share the same fingerprints. The same cannot be said by DNA, as twins might have the same DNA, so in case they are involved in a crime they can get mixed up apparently. The fingerprint designs are formed when the kids are still in their mom's wombs, so the designs and patterns are formed while the fetus move inside the womb, so each baby will have a different set of fingerprints. The designs can also vary according to DNA and other particular details
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Each person has a unique fingerprint that identifies this person. It is much like the DNA of a person and each one is unique. There can be similarities in matching DNA between family members and twins for example. When a child is developing the fingerprints are formed. It is possible that people can have an inheritable quality in their fingerprint, but never the exact same fingerprint of another person.  Each person has a unique FRS arrangement in their fingerprint. This is what makes each person fingerprint so different from another person.
The fingerprints that developed in the womb will never change over our lifetime. The lines and ridges will remain the same until we die. The only time a fingerprint can change is when has been damaged. This can happen from an accident where it will leave a permanent scar on your finger which will change the FRS of your fingerprint.
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Technically, it is not possible to have similar fingerprints for two different people. That is the reason, fingerprints are taken as a unique identifying mark for any forensic experiment. The patterns of the fingerprints could be inherited but the detailed layout cannot.
However, the fingerprints of identical twins might look similar to the naked eyes. That is why familial ties are examined when comparing two similar looking fingerprints. Not only the pattern and the design of human fingers are unique, even the toes have a distinctive print pattern for each individual.  Human finger impressions are pretty durable and comprehensive. It is, thus, a long time marker of human identity. Even if the genetic blueprint is the same for two persons, forensic experts will still find out the sure-shot difference between the fingerprints.
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I always thought that identical twins would share the same fingerprint but on looking it up there is one surefire way to distinguish between them and that is their fingerprints as no two people have the same pattern.  Although they share the same DNA their fingerprints are affected by occurrences in the womb such as hormone fluctuations and the interaction of genes.. Freckles and moles are also affected by these factors.

Fingerprint patters are set between the 13th and 19th week of pregnancy. A number of environmental factors can also affect the patterns such as umbilical cord length which affects blood flow, the amount of nutrition a fetus has access to and blood pressure. All these factors can affect fingerprint patterns.
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This is the most effective in identifying a lost person that has been found because it is connected to the DNA. You can get the DNA of a family relative and compare to the finger print. I do not know the exact term. To answer the question, it is one of the marks that are unique for a person besides having moles and some identifying marks. You can have the same finger print with someone. It is design to be differ you from everyone. That is the reason why police get your finger print for Id purposes and for some restrictive registration. It is needed to submit if we have a new job for us to be clear of any kinds of crime because some of us have the same names as the others. If you committed a crime, you cannot get away with it once your finger prints is found in the crime.
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No! It's impossible to share your fingerprint with another person. Fingerprint is among the unique DNA traits that the human have that no other person can have.

Biologically, there are specific DNA traits that are associated with a particular person that cannot be shared with another eventhought they are blood related. In respect to fingerprint, if you are using a phone that is fingerprint lock enabled, you will notice that nobody can unlock your device except you even if it's your blood relative.

Furthermore, same can be said of your voice. Nobody in the world have the same voice pitch like yours. And there is also nobody is the world that have same eye pigment like yours, that is why security locks are built with these special DNA related traits.
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It is not possible for two people to have the same finger prints across the globe cos if this  is possible there won't be any need for forensic analysis when there is suspicion.
God in his infinity has  created each human been in a unique way,  finger prints are one of the unique features. No doubt when you compare finger prints most times you will be convinced beyond doubt that they are the same but a deep look will show even a small difference. Twins could be non-identical,  same blood group, same sex, same genotype but they can only have similar finger prints but never the same.
We must give thanks to GOd for creating this difference in finger prints cos it has made easier for forensic scientist to detect criminals easily.
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I never heard that two people can have exactly the same fingerprint. I would believe if two or more people can have the same name, almost the same faces or exactly the same features but never with fingerprints. If that will happen anyone can alter your documents without you knowing about it. It would not be safe for anyone if they have the same fingerprints, can easily tract and if you are rich, these people will abuse it. And that is amazing because of billions of people around the world there is no the same fingerprints, hopefully not. And if there is, no one discovered it yet. There might be someone out there who is interested to know about the same fingerprints and trying to tract every person who has it. And if there is, hoping they won't abuse it.

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