We are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Most of us were instructed by our biological parents not to meet or talk with strangers. However, the advancement of technology is making us more independent in speaking out. In fact, it is easy to make new friends virtually. 

Do you think it is a good idea to make friends virtually?

Is it also a good idea to meet them up close?


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Yes it is possible to make friends virtually to some degree but it can never be like the 'real' thing; of friendships built on personal foundation. Virtual friendship is still different and would always be limited. It cannot replace 'real' personal friendships. For these so called virtual friendships to flourish into something more 'concrete' and 'authentic' it still needs to be personal and that only happens when you meet somebody in person. You get know him/her by meeting the person face to face and growing in this friendship facing real life experiences together. 

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For some reason, I do agree with your point on this matter. I also think that being virtual friends are not the basis for having a good friendship. It needs to know these people up close.
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Yes, it is possible to continue long-time friendships even meeting up with closest ones is impossible. Family is close friends, so, I'm okay with not meeting up with 'friends' outside family. 
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You have a point here. I also think it is not a good idea to meet a stranger, either online or offline. There is so much news that a person got hurt because of meeting these people.
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Yes. It is possible. Nowadays mostly all are using social medias like Facebook, Whatsapp. By using this social Medias, they became friends with unknown people. It is possible to have a friendship online without seeing them in person. But the loyalty is question mark here. 
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At some point, we cannot be sure if this person from social media can be trusted. There is a point of being friends with them. Although it needs to know them better up close. For me, it will be risky to indulge oneself with them. Perhaps meeting them in public will be the safest thing to do.
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Yes.It is possible to be the Friend of someone,with whom,you never met.Our social media is an excellent example of the same.People are making the Friends on social media and these friendships are improving our lifestyle.
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What if they finally decide to meet in person? Is it a good idea? Social media is a tool that can deceive other people. I am not saying that all people have the same agenda towards innocent souls.
Yes. Most of the friendship in social medias is the example for this cases. 
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I think there is nothing wrong to meet someone for the first time. However, it is better if it is in the open air. We cannot be sure the possible danger that may happen.
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Yes, it's a great idea. I met some of my closest friends online. They helped me tremendously in growing as a person, overcoming my insecurities, and getting rid of my anxiety. Infact, social media gives you the chance to explore and meet more people who are just like you. 
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I am glad that you found new friends from social media. I do think that these people can help us with good intentions.
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Yes obviously it is possible and mostly it happens with all of us in this current era. 

As the technology has so much advanced and we are so much socialized it is likely that any such incident happens, I would like to share mine experience here. 

I do have a friend to whom I haven't meet yet, but we became friends from an online game and still in contact. Tried to meet many a times but we couldn't but still we talk few times on social media. 

So this is likely to happen.  But having trust and faith on them remains a question still today. So we need to be wise and alert about it.
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Since in the modern era, we are enjoying the new form of communication virtually. I also heard that gamers can communicate while video games and the like. I also had my share of this matter. I have some virtual friends in forum discussion sites. They do share things that can be helpful for me.
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Yes you can be friend with a person with out seeing them in person and this is because of the social media networks like Facebook and Twitter which enables people see their profile before befriending someone where people can chat through text and video chat and through this you will able to trust him or her even if he or she is very far away.
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You called my attention to using the video call. I also think that it is possible to know someone through this. It is the modern way to know someone without having doubts about him or her.
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There's nothing wrong making friends online. I know some of my friends have so many virtual friends and they're good, caring and thoughtful. Some of them have already met up.
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Friendship is connection and communication, the physical appearance is just a top up. Technology has made this possible, today we can communicate with people far away without physical presence, so communication sustains friendship. 
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In my opinion yes, it's absolutly possible. To be a good friends or even a best friends you dont have to meet each other. As long as we trust each other and know about her/his backgroud is not gonna be a problems. In this era you can communicate from smartphone or something like that.
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