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I want to keep some discus fish with my silver arowana. Arowana is about 15 inches long. I would like to keep 3 - 4 inch size discus fishes with him. Is it possible? Any suggestions would help.  Thanks in advance.

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People have put these two fish together, but it isn't a good idea at all. Adding the silver arowana in the same tank as the discus fish will put stress on the fish. The discus fish likes to swim close to the top of the tank and will grow rather large. Furthermore, the arowana will grow rather large and they move around way too much. This could hurt the discus fish if the arowana ran into the fish a lot. I wouldn't recommend it at all.
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If both arowana and discus are of small size like 4 or 5 inches then it's okay to keep them together. Both discus and arowana are fishes that prefer pristine water quality. Water parameters required are also almost same for both. Slightly alkaline annd slightly warm temperatures are the ideal water conditions for discus. An aro will easily adapt with it. But the problem is if an aro becomes big size of 20 inch or so then they may find their food in the school of discus fishes. Moreover discus are slow movers with gentle living style which become more stressed with fast moving big arowana. Better not to keep them together. Some may find it hilarious. But my vision as a discus keeper is that one should keep discus in a planted tank. They will like plants a lot. Arowanas are a big no no for a planted tank. So I can't keep them together.

A snap from my planted discus aquarium


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