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Well,as I type, their is no traffic on the road I'm taking.I can put that to the fact that a lot of people are at home and it 7.03pm in at this time,most people would have gotten home from work.

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It's Christmas season now and when the season hits at the time with summer, means more traffic. Especially we are near the beach where can people hang out and spend time with during summer season. Along the road where we live in at the moment it's not that traffic yet, but if we drive through the main road  going to the City it is more traffic. If we drive through the motorway, especially weekend l, bunch of traffic going on because everybody wants to get out from the city. Sometime it is moderate, there were times it is in moderate traffic. I hate traffic because that means more petrol to use and my children will get bored easily especially when its summer and its super hot. It is like you burning yourself inside the car. But when it's winter, less traffic in our area because no one will spend their time in the beach
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We have transport hub. so it less hassle for the commuters, plus they also have lane for the busses and jeepneys. and also the line are organized and the barkers are good.

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Generally in our country we battle with traffic all the time. it's only during the holidays when we get to enjoy traffic free roads, otherwise is the norm here when people are working and children going to school. I always wish that there will come a day when everyday will be like christmas in our country. The roads are clear, there is bumping into people while you walk in town, there is so much peace. The air always feels so fresh, it's just a time to enjoy. Anyway traffic can be such a nuisance sometimes, especially when you are commuting to work using public means? good Lord! it is a mess. When the roads are jam parked, there is no overtaking, you cannot run to work, you cannot fly over the cars, all you do is sit in your seat and wait for the cars to move. to survive this have a book to read or if you have your phone and can access writing sites please make use of that time because it's going to be a long wait.

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