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How can you prevent someone from getting drowned in the swimming pool? 
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The best way to stay safe while swimming and in the water is to make sure that you always have an experienced swimmer that assist you. Learn how to swim taking safe measures, attend professional swimming lessons. Make sure that you stay in shallow water ware you are most comfortable and your feet are grounded in stable foundation. I hope that this helps you. 

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It's summer time and having fun in the water is most busiest in this time of season. But, sadly accident will happen, for precaution and to avoid drowning while swimming especially for our little one. In order to avoid the risk you have to follow some restricted rules and guidelines. Never leave your child unattended while having a splash or swimming in the water, sometimes because of too much fund we forget that we need to look after each of our family member, this is very important. Teach children how to swim, swimming lesson can be a good start to teach your children how to swim. There are other part of the world who have classes for teaching babies and children how to swim, you can attend one of the lessons. Learn how to do the CPR, this is really really important , know the basic how to save love one or anyone from drowning. If you have pool in your house, please fence it,so if you are not aware while doing things around the house, kids or children really loves water and they might go in into the pool without you knowing. And you can install an alarm in the door that leads to pool area in your house, these you will know if someone is headed to the pool. Remove toys from the water, children might trying to reach it causing them to fall into the water. Always wear life jacket if you are swimming in the ocean, where rif is unpredictable. Always be alert and don't go to the deep water when you are swimming. Prevention is always good than let it happens.
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To prevent anyone from drowning in the pool would be to wear extra gear if it's not good in swimming. And if it's your child in question I'd say never ever leave it unattended.

Also if the pool is filled with people never leave your youngies alone in it no matter how good or bad they swim.

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