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If you are ever allowed to borrow money from anyone or anywhere, how much are you going to be comfortable to borrow? 

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2 Answers

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It's is really depend how much you are capable of paying it back. Some lending company has the minimum and maximum allowance to let their customer borrow the money. If you can able to pay the amount you want to borrow, then you can borrow the amount. But for example,if you are buying a home and there might be requirements how much you are earning, and how much the deposits your need to acquire. And you have to pay the interest from the amount you borrowed, depending on the company you are borrowing with.  I really don't like borrowing money as as I can if it is not necessary and it is not intended for important stuff like hospital bills, or something you really and have to buy.  In the end you need to budget your income in order to pay the interest.
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I'm one person that is never comfortable borrowing money because I don't like the issues that comes with you. I don't like disturbances,harrasement or the embarrassment that's comes with borrowing. And the fact that any money that comes into someone hands goes to servicing of the borrowed money or paying one's debtor is a huge turned off for me. So before I borrowed money it must really worth the need. I hardly borrow money from individual I do get loans from the bank because of one project or the other.
I wouldn't advised anyone to be borrowing,it isn't a healthy thing to do. But if I'm to borrow I borrow from $1000 and the repayment period must be reasonable to be for me to think about borrowing it and the interest rate must be good too.
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