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When it comes to indoor activities, the options are very limited especially if you're looking to indulge in activities to combat the weather. You failed to state specifics on which weather your question is relating to. Hence, i'll choose to write on hot weather and how to keep yourself from heating up in hot conditions.

A hot atmosphere or weather can be a real pain in the *** sometimes. And if you're indoors, it sometimes can be frustrating as the heat can make you feel uncomfortable. The first and most popular way of dealing with heat is by the use of air conditioning. Air conditioning helps make your body retain it's normal working temperature if conditioned averagely or depending on the weather outside. It works in a way that balances the natural atmosphere with the air condition to better suit your preference.
Secondly, during a hot weather, i think another good activity to indulge with is jumping into the pool. Regardless of how hot the weather is, swimming in a pool can help maintain the body temperature to work normally. And if you don't have a pool, a hut tub can do the job. Just try as much as possible to spend time in the water to keep your bodu from heating up. Also, taking water regularly will help keep you hydrated from the heat. Over all, i think the best ways of keeping yourself from heating up during a hot weather is by engaging in less energy consuming activity in the house. That way you won't get stressed and let the heat find it's way to the body.
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I'm a good gamer and hardly get bored anytime I'm indoor especially when it's rainy I do playing games will help keep me warm and because I'm passionate about games playing I hardly get bored and I could play it all day. To keep self off any bad weather one should focus on fun things that one has passion for and this will really help to keep one's mind away from bad weather.

Others things I might do is watching movies,playing board games like snake and ladder,dice game and chess even whot game is another good way of keeping mind away from bad weather. Keeping indoor can be tiring though because one might not even used to staying indoor just like me, so it better one get some fun activities to engage in during some weather that isn't good.
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That is a good one, watching movies will be more nice with family altogether to spend time each other, too.
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If you live in an area where its snowing heavily or the storm is brewing outside and it looks like you will be having a wet weekend,then playing outside is not a brave thing to do.Some indoor games you can be part of include:

"Heads up" is a great who am i? game you can take part in if you don't fancy venturing outside to pick up a water logged boggle.

 You can hold a karaoke night.Grab a microphone after a beverage and knock out any song of your choice.Let the tones of your friends drown out the storm outside.

You can learn a new skill.If you have internet connection, you have access to a lot of information. Why not learn to code and be productive.Coding is a useful skill and "code academy" makes it fun for you.

Before you get stuck into that master reading list,learn how to speed through them."Spreader" can help.

Knitting is so in right now and not just in your granny"s social circle.Let "Instructables" show you how.

Try any of this whenever you are indoor and you have an overcast,stormy weather.I'm sure the last thing you want to do is to navigate icy roads and trudge across freezing cities in case its snowing heavily outside.

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