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I don't have time to go to the gym regularly. What exercise can I do within the home to keep my body fitness? I was well toned before my marriage. Now my wife is well toned but I became a little chubby like. How can I regain my fitness? :ermm:

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Cleaning the house, walking in stairs , going up and down, brisk walking, dancing, stretching, yoga and even zumba can burn your calorie. Actually doing those are fast calorie burning exercise that you can use. 
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There are so many indoor exercises you can do to burn calories. To begin with, you can start by engaging yourself in domestic activities like lifting and cleaning of some of the abandoned things in the house. With this you can burn a lot of calories. If done with this, you can go for dancing that's if you're the type that like to dance. Pull up and push up are other options you can go for. Stretching is also there.
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That's a question many people would be asking themselves as soon as they start noticing the belly become big, when they start feeling heavy and are panting when they walk, that's when the panic mode sets in. I know i have been there before, though i like to keep fit, sometimes i just feel out of the weather and get lazy to do my exercises. Anyway the easiest way to do this, start by doing little exercises like walking around the neighbourhood for at least 30minutes everyday, or jogging. If you cannot jog get a nice skipping rope and skip a little each day, that should keep you in check. You can also download aerobic exercises on the net and do them in the comfort of your home at your own pace. This is out of experience i have done it and am still doing it and its very effective. Another way you can go about is by doing zumba exercises they are not just done by women but by men too. You should try them and see how your body is going to be toned up in a matter of time. It has worked for me over the years and i believe it can work for you too. Eat healthy foods as well because if you do exercises and not eat well it will of no good.
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Just do 8-10 minutes cardio exercise so you can burn all that fata in your body. There are tons of youtube exercise you can search for and follow it.

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There are some excellent apps for your mobile device that you can download and use in your living room. One of my favorites is called Nike Trainer. They give you all kinds of different workouts that you can do in a confined space.

You can also try jogging in place, jumping rope, or different types of jumping jacks. This will really help to tone you up. When you are working make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and stop eating sugar snacks and start eating more fruits and vegetables. This will help tone you up quickly. 

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Right now, I enjoy dancing zumba on our small condominium unit. I find the usual routine exercises boring so I shifted my attention to zumba. I just play youtube videos (I like the channel of LiveLoveParty) because their steps are easy to follow. I'm not a really good dancer so I prefer to do it on our own small living room. I spend at least an hour every day dancing and following dance sessions on the internet. I think this is very effective for me because I find myself sweating a lot after each of my sessions. I get to be active but in such a fun way! Don't forget to do at least 5 minutes warm-up stretching before and after your work-out. Hope this helps! =)
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1.)Dancing-this is the coolest way and most fun way of burning calories. Just find a free space,find a cool music with high rhythm and keep the tempo high as you exercise.

2.)Rope skipping-simply find a timer,set it and see how much time you will take to make 50 or so skips.Try increasing the pace to use the minimum time possible.

3.)Playing tennis/any bouncing small round ball. Then find a flat surface that lies against the wall.Hit the ball to the wall and see how many shots you can make without goofing.
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I really understand you! It`s not always the time to go to the gym, and I have problems with my joints and a lot of fitness exercises are not for me. But my pediatrician recommends to go to the sauna. This does not only help to loose weight and make my skin more elastic but also heals my joints! I liked this kind of spa so much that I decided to build my own indoor sauna. I recommend this way of losing weight.
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 Here are few ways I wanted to suggest you

• drink water and have balanced diet with some carbohydrates, high protein and fibre content foods.

• You should select the excercise the suits to your body nature,I am saying this because if you have health issues you should avoid doing few moves.

• swimming can burn calories and it very relaxing activity one can follow

• dancing , skipping,brisk walking , walking should be started slowly ,and slowly you should increase the speed.you have to do it for atleast half hour ,when you end up take steps slowly.I think walking suits for all.
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