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There are many advertisement companies there to display sponsored ads on websites or putting affiliate links on pages. Among them adsense from google is the most popular. There will be atleast one google ads on those high traffic sites that monetize. Is adsense the best way to monetize your content when compared to any affiliate program? I think so. Whats your opinion Answerees?
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I won't say Google AdSense is the best way to make money online, but it's one of the most effective and reliable means of making money out of your blog or website. There are other programs like monetized short links which can also be effective in making money online via your blog or website. 
I can't say for sure whether or not Adsense is the best, but it's definitely one that is trusted by millions, used and confirmed, and popular to the massses. 

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I believe Google Adsense has gained popularity over the years because of the company name. Everyone wants to please Google and this is understandable. Google is the top search engine and it seems to be the one who makes all the rules that the other search engines follow. Therefore, it would make sense to try and qualify for Google Adsense on your website.

However, Google is very strict and can cancel your account for no reason at all. They have been known to not pay people for the ads and claim that their account is canceled. There is always a good side and a bad one when it comes to choosing an advertising network and affiliate partners to add to your website.

As for Google Adsense being a good option to monetize your blog, I'd say yes on this one. If you can qualify, follow the rules, and keep a clean site, then I'd go for Google Adsense on your website. They do pay out and the ads they add to a website normally will be in conjunction with the niche of the site. Therefore, you have a better chance to convert people and have them click on your ads.

However, today many people are sick of looking at ads on websites, blogs, and forums. Therefore, they are now using some sort of an ad blocker. If you can set up your site that won't allow a visitor to visit your site as long as the ad blocker is active, then this is a great way to make a few bucks from your website. Just keep in mind, you better keep a clean site that Google approves of, otherwise, you'll be canceled and not receive payment from Google.
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Yes, Adsense is one of the biggest advertisement company who provides a better rate for every thousand of views and a better rate for CPC or every ad clicked! Some website offers "Advertisement" as well, but if you're going to check their ad, it is just an adsense and they are going to split earnings with you!

Some sites will mention "We have an advertisement marketer team" which is a lie for me, some of them will just simply use an adsense ad and act like that they have own advertisement.

Go ahead! Join straight to adsense! Don't join other ads company! Focus on advertisers that will give you good profit, not 80% or 70% and worst 50% 

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I want to believe yes it is the best ad network and can be added the biggest and the most used because it very easy to understand how its works.

Google AdSense is always lenient with it users and hardly get one banned unlike other ad network that does indiscriminate banning.

With Google AdSense a user have nothing to fear provided the user have the minimum payout of $100 in his or her account Google AdSense is sure to pay.There's no delay in payment and non payment is almost impossible.

A blogger that uses Google AdSense is sure of getting more money from the network than other ad network and getting into the program doesn't come with any stress.Just conform with their guidelines and ones account is approved.
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Just like everyone else is saying, Google AdSense is a pretty good way of making money over the internet. But from my personal experiences, I'll suggest you bring in two or more other means of monetizing your site alongside AdSense.

My recommendations above is due to the fact that AdSense is now a shadow of it's former self. Enrolling with the AdSense program is now even more difficult than getting a scholarship. A whole lot of unfair requirements has to be met before considering beginner applications. This change in operations has made earnings much more difficult than usual and how it once was. The pay for one has also dropped from what it use to pay, per views and clicks.

Another major issue which has become a very annoying thing over the internet is ads. People these days do not appreciate coming across ads regularly. Some even go to the extent of using blocking programs with regards to ads.

This is a huge developing problem for AdSense giving that the entire program revolves around ads' views and clicks. Hence, if your site is unable to draw high amounts of traffic - with possible ads engaging visitors, i fear very little will be earned with AdSense.
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Google Adsense is the best way to make money from your blog or website. Unlike most of the ad networks that only works with large publishers, Google Adsense is for small, moderate as well as big publishers. As long as your website generated organic clicks, you will continue to make money. You will receive payment automatically on the third week.

Approval for Google Adsense is easier than for other ad networks. As long as you have original, unique and well written articles on your site, you will be surely approved for Adsesne. There s no minimum traffic criteria for Adsense. You will get approved for adsense even if you have a low traffic. How much you earn from adsense depends on where your click originates. For instance, you will earn more if someone from the US clicks on your ads and earn less if the clicks are generated form India.
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AdSense could be the best way to make money online provided you adhere to the policy. People have become millionaire from AdSense, while others have been banned because of not following the company policy. One of such policy is on exercive clicks and page visitors through exchange promotional sites.
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