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Which earning was like your financial back bone this year. 
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Fiverr. I made a lot of money doing freelance gigs in the online marketplace. Totally recommend.

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Financial bone on this note in my opinion is the site where much money has been earned so far this year.
I have been very active on beer money forum from January to this moment,  this forum is a paid to post sites where people makes posts and also create topics for discussion and they are rewarded for it in. BMF coins that are later converted to dollar,  Crypto currencies or Skrill funds for withdrawal,  it very possible to make $2 daily from this site if you are knowledgeable in the areas of money making opportunities available online , it operates on hourly basses.

It is the site I have earned much from so far,  I Earn $30 or more monthly when I am active in the site by making more of threads., I hope to be more active in the coming year so as to earn more.
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Good one there. I'm yet to join the site though I have read about it, maybe next year I could take a shot at it. 
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By stating online site, am assuming you're referring to all sites which can be engaged with to earn money, and not only writing sites like answeree. If that be the case, then my financial broker which provides me with online trading services has to be number one on my list.

My financial broker is called pocketoptions. They solely provide trading services that revolves around binary options. Just like forex trading, binary options also involves monetary exchange, trading currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. It is simply buying a particular stock or others mentioned above at a certain price, and selling at a later time to make profit. The amazing part of binary options is that the whole process can be achieved in under 2 minutes. You can place successful trades and complete the transactions in as little as 60 seconds. Profits made varies depending on the broker. With my broker, you can make as much as 96% profit in every trade. This brings us to my answer for this question. Thanks to the services of my broker, binary options trading is the online platform that has made me more money this year than any other site.
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I have been seeing binary options around online but yet to fully understand it's intricacies,maybe now that you have mentioned it I will have to read more about it. 
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I advice you do,. Binary options is a very good means of trading and making fast profits while at it. I prefer it to forex trading because of the factors stated in my answer above. I'll recommend it for anyone, especially beginner traders. But be warned, without proper use of caution, a trader can loose an entire investment in a single trade depending on how much you choose to trade with at a particular time. So it's advisable you practice with a demo account before investing real money. 
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Great one. Thanks for the tips would have read more about this. Losing one's hard earned money at a go isn't funny. 
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I have several website online that I have joined few years ago. Most of them I am not an active anymore because of too slow in earnings. But there some earning website I stick with because I earn a decent income and they pay me well. Some online website I am earning with are surveys sites like Toluna, Myopinionnz, Opinionworld, Pureprofile, Peceptive, and ValuedOpinions. And I must say among these survey site I earn very well. If I total how much I earn from these sites more or less $500 just this year. And now I found this Answeree site and Microworkers, I earn from this two sites now but never paid yet. There are some other site that I am still building up my income and probably by early next year I will redeem them just saving it for now.
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Surveys sites don't work for my country so I can't really earn from them I know some survey sites pays well.
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The online site that served me most is beer money site and it serves as my back bone thus far. Just as you put it, as back bone, I usually engaged in the site and keep the money till I have emergency need for it. My last withdraw from the site was last month. When I needed money and no reasonable means than to cash out  meet up with my contingent or emergency need.
The site is designed to pay in dollar, with every comment not less than three lines to earn 20bmf per comment. The standard or rule is, you can only make maximum of three comments or post per hour. So in a hour, I usually make 60bmf  a and 60X24bmf  in a day is my earning per day. And according to the site standard , 1000BFM is equivalent to a dollar.

So, each time i'm ready to cash out.  I just message the admin to request withdrawal, stating amount to withdr
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I think BMF is a great site at least from.the reviews i have read on it. I hope to join the site very soon too. 

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