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Good exercises goes with a proper diet in balancing up our health journey. The best bet when it comes to diet during our exercising period is for us to take a balanced diet. Nothing beats the benefits of one taking in the six classes of food in their correct proportion,I'm sure the body will be glad we did do the needful for our selves.

If one needs proper nutritions this can be researched to know what to eat or a nutritionist employed or approached to really know what to eat daily.

One food should always have a good amount of protein , carbohydrate,fat and oil, vitamins, minerals and water to go with. But if you want to go further leafy leaves, fiber and veggies can be added to the mix.

Food with saturated fat and cholesterol should be avoided.
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Eating and exercise go hand and hand.When and what you eat is very important to how you feel during exercise.

If your workout is in the morning,make sure you eat a healthy breakfast before your workout.According to research, eating and drinking carbohydrate improves your workout performance.This may allow you to exercise for a longer time duration.Not taking anything before workout can make you feel lightheaded or sluggish.Some good breakfast options include:low fat milk,juice,banana,pancake e.t.c

Eat large meals three or four hours before exercising.Eat small meals or snacks one to three hours before exercising.

You can eat snacks too before exercising.It won't increase you energy but can prevent distracting  hunger pangs.Some good snacks include: an energy bar,yogurt,peanut butter sandwich

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