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When video surveillance camera was installed in my workplace, most of us saw it as intrusion of privacy but the fact is that, its beneficial to the company.

It reduces risk of employee theft and is quite disturbing that 33% of business bankruptcies is due to employee theft. 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employers.

It also increases productivity and operations.The purpose of every company is to make profit.low productivity and faulty operational measures can ruin the company goal to make profit.Studies have shown that employees in a workplace with CCTV are more productive that those that work in a place without CCTV.

Managers can also venture into more productive work instead of moving about hovering over employees shoulders to be sure they are doing their work.

It also wards off illegal visitors and strangers.
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There are a whole lot of benefits that a company can derive when they install the video surveillance system in their place of work. The way that I have been looking at this kind of thing is that it will improve the security level that is at the company,  as long as the persons that are taking good control of it ain't doctoring some files on it.

Cases of some workers trying to steal from the company is one that won't exist anymore. Also, the manager can always watch such clips to see how the daily activities that are happening in the company is going. For me, it is going to be like the invisible eyes of the company that a lot of people that are working in the company will use. This is something that is quite easy for them to make use of as well to ensure high productivity.
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You do everything that you can to help grow your business father and to ensure your customers and clients are happy. Sometimes you need to have a way of protecting your company. So here are the benefits companies gain by installing a video surveillance system:

  • It will protect your business in which the thieves realize that they are being monitored on video, most will think twice before the target your company.
  • You will be in safe work environment. If there is an irate customer who enjoys an employee, the video can become evidence.
  • we can monitor the work in which year video monitoring can help to catch this so the employees can reminded of why they are at work - to work.

To know more about video surveillance systems, visit -

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The benefit of installing a video camera in a business premises or company can't be overemphasized because in any place safety and security is no 1 concern of everyone and as such for a good surveillance which humans might not be able to accomplish, a video camera will be able to capture all and everything provided it has been set well and installation was how it should be then it will be able to do well.

The camera will be able to show what is happening in case a stranger comes into the company, it can show when things are being stolen and who actually stole it and this will take away the stress of innocent people being punished. This will also be like an eye for the owner or CEO of a company that is always very busy to know what's going on in the company.

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