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I cannot tell for sure, but it does feel that way.

Not only cosmetic companies but "trends" and other things that happen in the real world do affect that, for example: say that this year a hairdo and X style of body is going high, the person with these characteristics will definitely win.

Plus there is a lot of rumors regarding companies that want to use a determined model for their advertisements, so they "ensure" that the woman in uestion will be the winner.

I truly do not believe any of these competitions as there is a lot of favoritism going on.

Sometimes you clearly see that the winner did not win because she was the most graceful or beautiful, there is a lot of people paying and changing the scores, that is for sure - at least to me it seems that way.
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I wouldn't say they are predetermined by cosmetics company I will rather assumed that they are crowned for cosmetics companies because even when they had no business before the contest with any cosmetics company but after the contest the winners must surely be a brand ambassador to a cosmetic company.

 I think this branding comes with one being a beauty Queen. You know there's assumption that most beauty queen have cosmetic beauty, this is to say they have been using some cosmetics to enhance their beauty and as such with that mindset by people they will able to convince people to buy a comestic company products whether they product is good or not. It's a marketing strategy that works all the time.
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I don't think Miss World Contest Winners are predetermined or Selected by Cosmetic Companies but after they won the pageant they are free to choose the way to earn money and fame as well. I am sure these are selected as per there performance in the different contests before the final round and even votes play a crucial part. Sometimes, there are news or breakdowns that they are partial in selecting Miss World but I don't see any facts in that and only aware of one Country Vietnam where they try to make all the Models who can participate in these contests confident and ready at a very early stage and that helps them to bag the prestigious pageant. Indian Girls managed to strike a few time and made us proud.

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