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+2 votes
1 answer

Do you have any Idea about these Fonts and its different usages? What are the main usages for ... the market? Any suggestions and advice will be appreciated.

answered Aug 7 in Arts+Literature by LEVEL 5 (5,520 points)
+2 votes
1 answer

The term best selling is used either by person searching a product or by a e-commerce website. Should the ... best-selling? Which is the correct phrase to use?

answered Jul 3 in Arts+Literature by Erina Level 3 (1,520 points)
+2 votes
2 answers

I have seen the term taupe color in various color pallettes and websites related to designs and color ... most used colors come under Taupe range of colors?

answered Jun 27 in Color Chart by SmartAZ Level 2 (1,160 points)
+1 vote
2 answers

I found this phrase 'it costs a bomb' which people usually using in their comments. Any idea about this phrase?

answered Jun 7 in Arts+Literature by Danny Omand Level 1 (230 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

I want to know how to apply for Gandhian Studies degree course in colleges comes under Mahatma Gandhi ... Studies in the online application. Please help me.

answered May 20 in Arts+Literature by Answeree Level 4 (3,660 points)
0 votes
1 answer

I am a student and I got essay writing work from my teacher.I heard many writing resources are ... the resources.Please help me and need genuine suggestions.

answered May 11 in Arts+Literature by Answeree Level 4 (3,660 points)
+2 votes
1 answer

I searched for the term answeree but couldn't find an exact meaning. What's the meaning of Answeree?

answered Apr 26 in Arts+Literature by Answeree Level 4 (3,660 points)
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