For me, I think it has to be “Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe
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The best novel that I've ever read is Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy. It is the best one for me because it was humorous and it was the first book I've ever read that was in a military school setting. It also used profanities, but many plot twists and that I appreciated very much. 

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There are those kind of novels written by Anthony Horowitz. They come in form of volume like we have volume 1,2  and 3. The first series is called the gate keepers, the second one is the Raven's gate and then the final one is called the night rise. They all sound like a written horror movie. Its been a while since I read the book but then the main story about these three books is about five kids, "power of five" who are supposed to save the earth from mysterious creatures invented by greedy human beings who are after wealth and power. Generally, these books are sweet and I highly recommend them to anyone but they're so long of about 400 pages each and might take some time. You can also consider watching the movie bof the books instead although I searched them but didn't find.
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The best novel that I have read is Dear and Glorious physician, by Taylor Caldwell This book is about the Evangelist Luke the author of the Gospel of Luke. Young Lucanus, the Greek is recognized as a gifted child by his tutor Keptah. Keptah realizes that his student has a bigger calling on his life than Medicine. He knows that the call of God is upon this child's life and tells Lucanus about his understanding of God. . Lucanus goes on to become one of the greatest physicians of his time, but there is always a pain in his heart. A pain made worse by the suffering and death of his childhood love. Lucanus is unable to accept a cruel God who inflicts pain on his people. He then discovers that there is indeed a God and he came to the Earth to save mankind,. He sets out on a journey to discover for himself this God and records what he understands for mankind to explore. It is an amazing story of love, soul searching and pain.
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The best novel I've ever read has to be Lord Loss by Darren Shan. It's the perfect book for horror lovers - the world-building is excellent, characters intriguing and horrifying, and plot perfectly designed to keep you on your toes. This is one of the few books where I can't see the ending coming. All of Darren Shan's works are amazing, but Lord Loss, the first of the Demonata series, really takes the cake. It's a beautiful intro to a terrifying world of demons and magic, blood and gore, magicians and monsters. All the characters are delicately crafted, before being put through a series of frightening trials to test their abilities. I always thought horror was just cheap and gross, but this book is a whole other level.
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I have read several novels in my lifetime and some are still fresh in my memory while some are dim in my memory. The ones I can remember are the ones I enjoy reading .One of such is a book titled "long walk to freedom" by Nelson Mandela.Its a book written during apartheid in south Africa.

"Long walk to freedom" is an autobiography and it details the life and times of Nelson Mandela.. From childhood to when he joined the ANC to fight for freedom.. and his times in jail.

Blacks in south Africa were oppressed but after years of struggle, they gained freedom.All thanks to the determination and persistence of Nelson Mandela.

Another novel I love reading is a novel titled "Hope" s Wristwatch " by Dr Tony Marino. it tells the story of a young kid who grew up in a war torn nation .it tells the story of how people"s hands were cut during the war.
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The best novel that I have read is The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy. Besides being an hilarious book, it provided an eye-opening revelation of what it means to be a student in a military school. The main character, Will, describes in graphic detail of his time in military school in Charleston, especially his plebe year at the school. I relate to the character because I had went to a high school where I experienced a lot of difficult times there. I loved the fact that Will still had a sense of humor despite going difficulties at the school. The part that really shocked me was the fact that the author used many expletives within the book. I've never read a book that used so many expletives within a school setting. His style of writing has inspired mine to say the very least. I made a mental note of the fact that whenever I'm writing about fiction, I will try to write that. I love the novel so much that I can read it over and over again and never get tired of it. 

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I have read only tamil family novels. My favorite author is Ramanichandran and the novel is " Malar ". The novel wonderfully explained the pain of a girl who takes care of her mother on her own. She encountered many problems. Awesome novel. 
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