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Mine is whenever I purchase online my item always has defected and I always have to request for the replacement, Now I don't know if I should still trust online stores.

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Purchases depends on the person, where is he going to purchase something, what is his mindset for shopping, how he shops, how he evaluates the thing and last but not the least how he measures the quality of the product he is going to buy. 

For me the worst purshase was the first and last i think is online shopping. I have tried online store for quick shop to save time and purchased shoes. When it were delivered seems like the same as i have seen online but when i opened it, it was of different size as ordered and the quality was the worst that i was having this type of worst quality for first and the last time.

The best purchase for me was the purchase for my father to whom i loved the most. God bless him. 
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There is some risk that is involved when we try to buy things from online and this is because you don't get to see the product that you are paying for till it gets to your doorstep. So,  we need to be careful with the way that we do online purchases. 
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The worst purchase I ever made was this brand new watch that had just arrived here on the islands by Nike. it was a waterproof sports watch that was certified for diving and also shock resistant. I didn't have the watch for 3 weeks when I decided to go snorkeling with the watch. Within 30 minutes of just swimming the watch filled up with water and had moisture inside the watch. I paid a lot of money for this watch and returned it to the store I bought it at. I live on a small island and a lot of stores won't guarantee anything at all and they don't stand behind the manufactures guarantee. They refused to replace the watch for me and offered to sell me another one the same for half price. I refused to exchange the watch or even buy another one. I had to go to the United States and send this back to Nike. Nice did stand behind the guarantee, but the watch they sent me wasn't the same and it was not a diving watch like the one I had purchased.

The best purchase I ever made was that I invested in a watch that was certified for a Navy Seal and it has lasted me now over 10 years. This is a solar watch so there is no need for a battery. Furthermore, the watch has a scratch-proof crystal and it still looks brand new today. There are a few dings on the outer black ring that is around the crystal of the watch. Best money ever spent because now I don't need to spend 2 to 3 hundred bucks a year for a divers watch. They sort of get destroyed where I live because of the coral in our lagoons. 
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One of the best purchases I made was an all weather gazebo for the garden. It has been up for years and has saved so much stuff from becoming wet and damaged, bikes, patio furniture and even my guinea pigs are underneath it in their hutch. I didn't pay a lot for it and when it finally wears out I will get another one because it was worth every  penny.

Without a doubt my worst purchase was a used car which went wrong less than a week after I bought it and when I enquired as to  how much it would cost to fix it, the repair was more than the car was worth. I felt sick to my stomach but I just had to scrap it and learn from it. I am now much more careful when buying a used car and usually buy from a dealer who offers a warranty.
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The worst purchase I experience was, I think not really the worst but t is just bad because it is not the way I expected. I hardly experience those products that did not arrive on time and do not arrive anymore. My experience was buying a bag. The price is cheap so I get influence to buy it, however, when the product arrives, it looks bigger that I expected and very thin. Right now, it looks that it will get damage anytime. I only use if less than a month and I am not planning to use it continuously because I will just damage it more. I also bought things like the sizes doesn't look like on the picture. I think they made the product look good by editing and it is part of the marketing strategy. That is the disadvantage of buying online, you cannot see the real product until you bough it.
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The worst purchase that I have ever made so far is a center table. I still have that center table at my place. I ordered the product online from a very trusted furniture shop. It costed me about 15000 Indian rupees. I checked the size online for the tables breadth and length and then placed the order. We were shocked when a much huge center table arrived at our doorstep.

The quality of the table is amazing though. It is wooden with a center partition and has a glass top. The glass can be lifted to fill the partition with pebbles or pot pourri. But the table is too big for our living room. Now that we have a kid, he keeps bumping into it and hurting himself. The reason why we din't return it was because, it was of good quality and it was a much bigger size for the amount we paid.
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Best purchases for me are the ones that I get to buy either through promotions and sale discounts or through persistent haggling.

I have always been fond of traveling whether within or outside the country. Hence, I have subscribed to various airline promotions to be able to avail of biggest fare discounts. I got to travel to MNL-SG-MNL for only 100 USD. I also go to book-sale events where I get to purchase my now treasured books for a really really low price. These, for me, are one of the best things.

While there are good purchase, there are also the bad ones. This happens to me often whenever I opt to purchase online. Although there are really tradeoffs for the convenience that online purchasing has brought, I do think the sellers should also prioritize the quality of their products to be able to build a good reputation. I once bought a hair dryer which only lasted for a month. A collapsible closet that can't handle the weight of my clothes despite them being light dresses. I also purchased personalized watches, which have just become display as they stopped working just few days after purchase.

I don't know if this is just bad luck or these sellers just want to make money even if it means breaking the trust of their consumers.
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My best purchase was a phone after buying about 2 before now and the camera and memory storage was nothing to write home about.I saw this android phone online with very good review and I checked some more reviews and it was still positive and I decided to order it and I'm enjoying it now. The camera is superb and it would be awesome and is almost turning me into a photo freak and it has 3 GB and enough storage space.

On the other hand  my worse purchase is a perfume purchase.Read a review about a perfume that I have never used but when by the reviews read but it turn out to have very offensive smell when it got to me, and it didn't come cheap too and I couldn't just return it and I felt I shouldn't dash it anyway too.I thrown it out.
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Looking at how you analyzed the mistakes you always make with buying from online stores has got to show that there are long ways that you should make. Actually, I have made huge purchases from online stores for my wrist watches and other accessories business that I am running.

If you are looking at making the best purchases from the internet, I think you should look at trading with a well known person on the internet. Before I entered into partnership with this guy that always supplies me wrist watches, I took time to read the reviews of buying from him on Aliexpress and when I was convinced, I had a chat with him and we entered into business.
My worst purchase has got to be when I bought a power bank for my mobile phone and while the power bank didn't work as expected, I learnt that buying things from the internet for the sake of the price is not the right thing to do. You should always ask questions and enquiries before making any purchase.
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My best purchase is my current or present house, though I've obtained a lot of things which I can't vividly account for; meanwhile, I suppose your question is for main or major purchase. Trust me it is worth it. Because I took my time to carry out critical evaluations on every part of the it, just to avoid dissatisfaction.

And on the other hand is my worst purchase which was actually done done physically, I went to a provision and cosmetic shop to buy my usual body cream, II thought I was lucky to have found it. Lo and behold, it was the only product left. I grappled it aand went straight to pay. A thought striked my mind to check the manufacturing and expiring date.  I saw a number which is not visible so I asked if its still okay. She assures me that its fine.

On reaching home,I used the cream for just two days and my skin started burning. Meaning the cream is expired.

So, the problem is not in online, rather in individuals.
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I like shopping online because it is convenient for me,especially form the place where I live. I live too far away form the city,so shopping in the store is the last thing I can do. I started to shop online a year ago, I started the local to proved it they have good quality and services, and it does.Then a while back, I discover this app called Wish and I started to buy cheap items. The first item I have bought was an eyeglasses, it was okay but it's easily break, so I just use it for couple of times and it breaks. And the second one was a shoulder bag, I bought it for $12 and it didn't arrived. Then I bought another kids sunglasses, and it was cheap though same as how it looks and mainly made. Base on my experience, you get what you pay for. If it's cheap then it's low quality.

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