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During my undergraduate days,I faced a lot of obstacles.The challenges were so overwhelming that I decided to change departments in 300 level and that would mean going back to 200level in another department.

A professor warned me against this and said even if you come out with a third class or pass,you can still do a postgraduate diploma and proceed for your masters .His exact words were "kid,you plan with what you have.You can't plan with what you don't have".I'm glad I followed his advice though..

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Some of the best advice that I have herd is do not make decisions when you are in a bad mood or angry  and do not make any promises when you are on a good mood....

This a very personal and favorite words of wisdom that I received. It helped me realize that I should always think of my words, thoughts, and actions before I act on them. I hope this help. 

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I think the best advice I ever got before is "you cannot give what you don't have" and "don't expect what you can't give". Life is a simple and less entangled as that.

I cannot give to the world what I don't have. If the world needs humanity, compassion and love, I cannot be part of that if I do not love myself, if I'm full of resent. Healing the world starts from healing ourselves and being whole.
We should not put our expectations on people else we would be disappointed. If you don't place high priority and don't do so much for people, you cannot get any of that. This life is give and take but to live peacefully without disappointment or dissatisfaction, even when you give, do not expect so much in return. Do it for your peace of mind.
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Definitely,we can never give what we never had inside of us which is the gospel truth. Life is just too short for stress I believe. 
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The best advise that I have gotten from a wise man is the need for me not to despise the days of humble beginnings. The man that gave me this advise is my dad and he has been my source of encouraging words for long now which is something that I always appreciate.

He went further to make me understand that the days of humble beginnings is one we should always appreciate and try to keep up with the things that will make us grow better. When we look at the experiences that many great men and women has had, you will understand that they never made it big right from the start as it began with a humble start. My dad also made me to understand the need for us to keep pushing for the top. According to him, there is nothing that can make one not to push for higher levels as man is made to improve everyday.
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Yea, people should know this.We will always have little beginnings we can only strive to he better.
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The best advice I've ever gotten is "trust nobody". The words were aalways coming out of an elderly man who happened to be our neighbor while I wwas growing up. The second advice is never compete with anyone just live your life in real. These two have kept me going for long years now, and I've never regret it.
I can still remember the sad story he told me about his school days; he said he was in a room with four other boys and to him they all love each other and nothing can separate them. His own family were rich, so he feeds his friends everyday and he never hide anything from them. So one faithful day towards their final year he came back to the hostel very hungry, and since it is a usual routine that his friends will finish lecture before him. And they will surely cook. He ran to the hostel and he met his food in the cupboard. he brought out the food and started eating. Before he could ffinish the food, he noticed serious pain in his stomach. It became severe that he couldn't bear it anymore. He cried for help! To his greatest surprise, his four roommates came in an told him to his face that he will die. Because they have poison his food. That did he think he is the best or better than them?. That hhe made a mistake by telling them about his bank details. So they left him to die. Luckily another friend
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Well,humans are becoming so queer these days that trust has totally been killed and buried too bad. 
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I went through your write up@patron and I just had to stiffle tears.. Human beings cannot be trusted.. Nice one though

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