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Writing a quality literature review may be a daunting and difficult task especially if you are proposing a research topic that has a slew of already published work already in place.That means so many books with articles and citations!

It may seem like an impossible task but their are ways to go about it .First and foremost,have it mind that the literature review is to establishe your authority on the subject.A poorly written literature review can destroy a research thesis.

To write a good literature review, you have to know where your project fit into the overall body of knowledge,Identify the key variables that apply in your research,identity the relationship between the variables,establish the need for further research

Also,maximizing the quantity of materials reviewed should not be your goal.Instead, focus on the relevance of the material to your proposed topic and map out a logical framework for analyzing that material.

It is also important that to know that you should include only the materials that you have actually read in your literature review.Copying and pasting from materials that you have not read can come to bite you later especially if you have to do an oral defense and a question on a specific article you included but have not read is thrown in your direction.You don't want to stutter during your defense.

After writing your literature review, your project supervisor should be able to understand how your proposed topic fit together with the current body of published works.

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